Home Decor Tips: How to Style Your Paint Nite Paintings

So, you’ve gone to Paint Nite. Now, you have an amazing painting, created by you, that you want to show off. But, how do you show it off properly in your space without it looking weird, or totally out of place? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We tapped a few interior design experts from the across the country to help us answer that question.

Courtesy: Wynter Interiors

Charmaine Wynter, Wynter Interiors

I definitely encourage you to prep beforehand; figure out what size themes/colors you’d like to incorporate so that your masterpiece relates to the decor elements within the room your placing it.

I find that homeowners often find it challenging locating art in some areas of their home finding it easier to decorate a living room wall, for instance. I imagine it is because it’s safe to place a sofa on the longest wall of a room and a piece of art above the sofa on that wall.

However, I try to enlighten my clients to the benefit of adding a custom-designed/created piece of art in unexpected places and areas of your home; the biggest benefit is that that art then acts as a interruption from the day to day allowing for the viewer to escape the routine of their day.

Nicola Croughan, Lead Interior Designer, Roman Blinds Direct

The real benefit of creating and displaying your own art work is that you can blend it in seamlessly with your decor. Whether you decide to alter your decor to suit your artwork, or create a piece of art to pull your room together, it doesn’t matter as either way you remain in complete control.

Consider where you will hang or place your artwork. You can make it a focal point in your room by placing it above any existing features. Traditionally paintings are hung over fireplaces or sofas for this very reason. But you can also be a bit more unconventional and still have great results.

Try leaning your artwork on a high shelf or creating an “art area” using different frame sizes and styles. Or even make your own mini-gallery of work by grouping some art pieces together, by color or style, in a more formal layout. All of these options are great ways of making your art work together with your room to make an impact.

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 Jim KabelCase Design/Remodeling

When you’re looking at decor for your interiors, it’s always important to consider the design style of the space. Is your space traditional or modern? Is it a summer beach getaway or winter ski lodge? You want to incorporate paintings that blend well with your design style. Or, vice versa, if your own pieces tend to be of a certain style, you may want to consider altering the design aesthetic of your space. Here are some thoughts on paintings that tend to go with main design categories:

Paintings for Traditional Spaces
Traditional spaces have rich detail, from drapery down to elaborate wood detailing. Rich colors and textures are layered with florals and plaids. For this reason, classic paintings such as landscapes and still lifes are perfect for traditional spaces. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can match modern art in traditional spaces, but it requires some finesse to make the pairing look purposeful. 

Paintings for Transitional Spaces
Transitional design is characterized by a timeless, classic look. Furnishings are clean, but without the hard lines of a modern or industrial space. These spaces give the most freedom for incorporating your own paintings. You may opt for florals or still lifes with a slightly more bold, modern look and feel. If your palette is neutral, opt for pops of color in your paintings. If your palette features any jewel tones or bright colors, it is often better to choose artwork that is understated.. 

Paintings for Modern Spaces
The modern spaces are characterized by simplicity, clean lines, strong geometric shapes. These spaces tend to have a neutral base palette, but are often characterized by bold pops of color. For this reason, modern and abstract paintings, especially large format, look wonderful in these spaces. 

There’s no one room that works best for paintings. Instead, you can give each room more character through carefully chosen artwork. 

Courtesy: Furnish My Way

Bonny Ford, Editor of Furnish My Way

When incorporating paintings into your home, there are so many different ways you can go. From a design perspective, you have an easier job because you can specifically create them to fit your space. You can choose your colors, design, size, etc. and create a gorgeous painting perfect for your home. Since you have so much freedom, here are a couple ideas on how and where to hang those gorgeous new paintings of yours.

Frame It

Frames are simple, but are great additions to art. Gold framed art is a common style nowadays, and looks great with a variety of different design styles.

Consider the Location

Art isn’t just for your main living area – try the bathroom! You can add artwork to match the decor of your bathroom, if you want to bring in some brightness/color.

Instagram: @luccaso.me

“Hang” Your Art in Different Ways
A custom, interesting wall piece doesn’t always have to hang on the wall. Lean it up against the wall, or create a unique gallery wall that incorporates several smaller pieces of art into one. Gallery walls are great for offices – functional, yet artsy! 

Now that you’ve gotten some home decor inspo, it’s time to hit up Paint Nite to create your new masterpiece! Check out the event calendar to find out what paintings are available near you.
We always love to see how people decorate with their Paint Nite paintings. Want to share? Email us your photo, along with your social handle(s) and we may feature your photo on our social channels! 
Happy painting!
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