How to be a garnishing god(dess)

By now, you know that we LOVE making cocktails. But do you know what our favorite part is (besides drinking them, of course)? Garnishing them!

how to garnish your cocktails

There are so many creative ways people are garnishing their cocktails these days. From using savory garnishes like we showed you in our Caesar cocktail, to more traditional ideas like candied and grilled fruit, cocktail garnishing is fun and easier than you might think! Here are some of our favorite cocktail garnishes.


garnish with fruit

One of the first ways is to cut rounds of citrus and make a slice on one side. You can place this on the rim of your glass in seconds. You can also do this with fruit wedges.

float fruit slices as a garnish

Another great citrus garnish is to slice rounds of lime and float them on the top of your cocktail. You can dress things up even more with herbs and a curl of lemon! This also works with cucumber.


Threading fruit on to skewers is an easy way to make your cocktail look impressive, but also stay in tact.

add fruit skewers to your cocktail

You can use blueberries

add cherry skewers to your cocktail

…or cherries!

Ice Cubes

Another beautiful way to garnish your cocktails is with floral or herb ice cubes. Use these to chill a simple gin and tonic, or a glass of rose on a warm summer’s day! Make sure to double check what flowers are edible before you get started.

rose with edible flower ice cubes

All you have to do is take an ice tray, fill it with water or wine, and add in edible flowers and herbs. Then, freeze it and add to your drink of choice.

edible flower ice cubes

Creative glass rims

The last garnish we want to chat about is utilizing the glass itself as a decoration. Decorating the rim makes your cocktail extra exciting, sweet, or salty! Just like you might salt the rim of a margarita, you can dress up the rim of many cocktails.

All you have to do it wet the rim of your glass with water, lemon, or something else that goes with your drink and dip it in your sugar, salt, or herb.

colored sugar rim on cocktail

You can use colored sugar like we did in this spring cocktail

graham cracker cocktail rim

chocolate, caramel, and graham crackers….

sprinkle cocktail rim

…or frosting and sprinkles like we did to celebrate our birthday this year! 

Those are just some of our favorites. Check out all of our Signature Sips for even more inspiration!

Cheers – happy garnishing!

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