how to decorate home with paintings

how to decorate with your Paint Nite paintings

Our office is riddled with paintings (shocking, we know). We have canvases from wall to wall—some good, some not as good, but all created in good spirit and good company. In fact, we have so many that we don’t quite know what to do with them all.

So we thought this would be a good opportunity to do some consumer research and ask what our customers do with their paintings.

christina_huxin Instagram Paint Nite paintings

Love this minimalist look from @christina_huxin.

You may not be ready to hang something on your walls just yet, but you can still decorate and change the entire vibe of a room by nicely arranging things you already have. We love what @christina_huxin has done by simply standing a painting up and surrounding it with beautiful accessories—including a terrarium she made at Plant Nite.

always_dania Instagram Paint Nite painting

@always_dania created a piece of Fall with her painting and table arrangement.

@always_dania had the same idea but chose to go with more of a Fall look. The painting and smell of the burning candle are enough to bring sweater weather inside.

thecanadianbacongirl instagram Paint Nite paintings

@thecanadianbacongirl hasn’t hung her paintings and they still look great.

No plants? No problem. @thecanadianbacongirl took her collection of paintings and lined them up on top of each other. Even though we like to line ours up so you can see each painting in full, this arrangement is nice because you can change up the look easily by moving paintings around whenever you feel like it.

xxkyrareaperxx Instagram Paint Nite paintings

@xxkyrareaperxx is covering her walls with paintings! No frames needed.

Ready to hang your paintings? Don’t overthink it. @xxkyrareaperxx has started a mosaic with her Paint Nite masterpieces. She’s decided to ditch the frames and cover a corner. We can’t wait to see what her wall looks like when she’s filled it up!

rhymeswithling Instagram Paint Nite painting

@rhymeswithling sets the mood with her painting.

You know what they say about loose lips…they really tie the room together, and @rhymeswithling is all over it!

kvellaro Instagram Paint Nite paintings

@kvellaro got creative with her quarter bloom paintings.

This arrangement by @kvellaro gives us a gallery feel, and we love that the two pieces connect at the center and let our imagination fill in the blank space.

chicmystyles Instagram Paint Nite paintings

Why not put your Paint Nite art up with the rest of your art? @chicmystyles did and it looks great!

There’s something about this arrangement that would just feel incomplete without that authentically original piece created by your favorite artist: yourself.

Jeannine G Paint Nite painting cabinet

Jeannine G. from Burlington, VT, sent us this picture of the cabinet she built around her painting.

Decorating a wall or an end table with paintings is enough for most, but Jeannine from Burlington, VT, sent us this photo of a cabinet that she built around her painting. We can’t offer any tips for doing this, but we love the idea!


How have you hung or decorated with your paintings? Show us by tagging #PaintNite on Instagram.

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