how to make fresh strawberry mint lemonade

As the weather warms up, and summer is on the horizon, we’re feeling super inspired! We talk all the time about ways to use our herbs from our Plant Nite herb gardens, because they’re truly the gift that keeps on giving. And the most frequent recipes are those that are on the savory side, like the one for these potato and pea turnovers. But, there are so many other ways to incorporate herbs into our everyday. Here’s a simple way to infuse a bit of freshness to your sips.

So, what are we making? If you guessed Strawberry Mint Lemonade, you’d be right!

First step, mash up some strawberries: you can use either fresh or frozen. We used frozen so that our lemonade stayed nice and cold.

Next, snip off a sprig of fresh mint, and carefully pluck the leaves from the stem.

After that, use a knife to mince the mint—this will allow the mint fragrance to escape, unlocking that full-body mint flavor. Toss the freshly minced mint in with the mashed strawberries.

Then, add in some lemon juice (just a few squeezes). We didn’t have any fresh lemons, so we used lemon juice instead. Both work. Lemon juice (in a bottle) lasts a lot longer than a fresh lemon though, so if you plan on making this frequently, bottled lemon juice is probably best.

If you like your lemonade on the sweeter side, you can either add in a squirt of maple syrup or agave nectar. Or, if you have a favorite sweetener, use that.

Last step…fill your glass with ice cold water, give it a quick swirl, and enjoy!

Who said fresh herbs were just for cooking?! 😉

Herb gardens are super popular right now at Plant Nite. To find an event near you featuring fresh herbs, head over to!

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