How to make your summer party #extra

We’re officially in the thick of summer party season, which means everyone’s competing to outdo each other. When every party has the best cocktails, amazing decor, and a playlist that sounds like you consulted with a celebrity DJ, how can you be the host with the most? How can you make your party #extra? How can you win the “party of the summer” award?

Don’t worry. Here are some of our go-to, super-extra party ideas (and we literally party for a living, so we know what we’re talking about).

One: dress up your pool

Pool parties are the quintessential summer party. If you’ve got a pool, dress it up!

1) Floats

Pool toys

Via Pinterest

Floats are all-the-rage right now, and they’re no longer just for kids! Fill your pool with swans, flamingos, pretzels, donuts, unicorns, and more.

2) Let it glow…sticks

Glow sticks in a swimming pool

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Fill your pool with glow sticks to surprise your guests once it gets dark. To make it more fun, hold a diving competition and give a prize to whoever collects the most sticks in 3o seconds.

3) Floating pretties

Floating flowers in a pool

Via Pinterest

For those of you inviting guests who may not be big on swimming, you can float candles, succulents, or flowers in your pool for a peaceful, beautiful decoration.


Floating succulents in a pool

Via Pinterest

Floating candles in a pool

Via Pinterest

Two: party fuel

When it comes to parties, delicious food and beverages are the key to success. Make sure your guests are well fed (and well hydrated)!

1) Drinks on drinks on drinks

Whether your group is drinking or not, here are our favorite party cocktails! First up is the Watermelon Margarita.

Watermelon margarita

Next, we have the Blueberry Mojito.

blueberry mojito

Finally, we have Lavender Lemonade. Make this one with or without alcohol for a refreshing drink suitable for all ages.

lavender lemonade

2) Keep it cool

floral ice cubes

If your group is made up of more wine drinkers than cocktail drinkers, spruce up your presentation with these easy floral ice cubes. All you have to do is freeze some wine with edible flowers inside, and you’re good to go.

3) Snacks!

Finally, keep people moving with these delicious (and stunning) snack options. First up, rainbow skewers.

rainbow fruit skewers

Via Pinterest

Next, we have adorable fruit-inspired macarons. Yum!

fruit-inspired macarons

Via Pinterest

And finally, the (almost) too-cute-to-eat flamingo donuts!

flamingo donuts

Via Pinterest

Three: music

The final step to planning the most #extra summer soiree is to have the right music playing. But, how can you create a DJ-quality playlist without actually paying for a DJ? Let us introduce you to Google Play Music. GPM lets you browse playlists that other people have carefully curated to directly reflect certain moods, activities, decades, times of day, and more! Here’s a quick tour:

1) Browse by activity

Google Play Music

First, browse by activity. We chose “Having Fun in the Sun.”

Google Play Music list

Then, pick a playlist that speaks to you. We’re totally feeling “Pacific Coast Highway Drive.”

Google Play Music list

Now all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and party to your perfect playlist.

That’s it! You’ve got atmosphere, food, beverage, and amazing music. Those four things are the key to having the most #extra party of the summer!

You go, host with the most—happy partying!

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