unbox plant nite

Let’s unbox some plants from Plant Nite

We’re unboxing our newest shipment of succulents to prepare for our next Plant Nite. Watch to see what plants we’re pulling out next.

Love succulents? Us too! Find a Plant Nite event in your neighborhood and choose your favorite succulents to complete a terrarium for your home or office.

Been to Plant Nite? Share your photos with us using #MyPlantNite and see what’s going on at Plant Nite by checking out our photos page.

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  • Paula Catt says:

    I love it!

  • Freddie says:

    My succulents died within 10 days of plant night. Air plants is surviving well.

    • Bev says:

      #1 cause is overwatering
      #2 cause is putting them in a really hot bright spot and baking them especially in the summer
      #3 cause is if they got sticky they were already infested and they needed to be treated for pests but you have to be really careful if the plant has any fuzz on it…the pesticide will usually not do good things for the plant
      Sometimes succulents can be challenging but not usually…try again!

  • Where do I find the little lights (lites) that I can make my terrariums look fab?
    My email address is stefaniharris923@gmail.vom

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