5 hacks for keeping your squad together

How To Make Fundraising Fun

It’s fundraiser season, and donation requests for $15 to this walk-for-something-good and $60 to that bake-sale-for-something-equally-as-good are flying from all directions. It can be pretty tiring (and expensive) to financially support all of your friends good-doing endeavors. Especially if you’re someone who can’t say, “no”.

I mean, you did give Rachel $50 in sponsorship of her Walk For Hedgehogs last week, so you kind of have to give Louise that $35 she requested for her Everyone For Puppies rally this week. Ugh. And there begins the slippery slope, folks.

So what do you do if you want to raise funds for something super important to you, right in the midst of everyone else asking for money too? How can you make sure that your make-the-world-better initiative gets top priority in a sea of guilt-inducing financial requests? And, most importantly, how can you make the whole process less awkward?

It’s easy! Make it fun, and let your supporters get something from it. Sure, giving back feels great, but getting something makes it feel even better. Maybe that sounds selfish, but let’s be real: it’s true.

Here are our top three ideas. Give them a try!


Sell something you make

Do you make something super cool? Do you have a secret crafting prowess? Put that talent to good use, and utilize resources such at Etsy and Facebook Marketplace to sell your goods. For those of you who are tech-savvy, setting up a shop on Squarespace is also a breeze! It’s kind of like the traditional bake-sale…but online…and without cookies. Unless of course you’re a star baker and, in fact, wish to sell some cookies to make some dough (ba dum tss).

Now, maybe you’re thinking, “no one’s going to buy my organic and humane beeswax candles.” Or maybe you’re thinking, “what makes my custom marbled stationery so special?” Well, YOU! You made it, and your supporters love that…they support you! Your friends wouldn’t hesitate to give you $15 for a candle that you made in support of your Save the Turtles initiative. The fact that they get a super-awesome-good-smelling-humane-beeswax candle just sweetens the whole deal. Believe in yourself—confidence is key.


T-shirts make the dream work

We’ve mentioned this before, but websites like Booster allow you to design a custom t-shirt for your cause. Then, your supporters can purchase a shirt directly from your personal Booster website, and a portion (usually around $10) is donated back to your cause! This is a great way to raise funds and spread awareness!


Host a Virtual Fundraiser

5 hacks for keeping your squad together

If you want to make things really easy, how about trying Paint Nite Virtual Fundraisers? We’re obviously biased, but this new program is just about the coolest thing ever. It only takes minutes to set up a personalized campaign page that you can share with everyone. If someone uses your custom fundraiser code when they book any Paint Nite event, $15 automatically goes to your cause. Hey, they were going to spend the money anyways. Zero guilt, whatsoever. Everyone feels good.

Good luck raising funds and remember to make it FUN!

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