Paint Nite artist Vera Malitskaya

March featured artist and painting

The months are just flying by and spring is certainly on its way (at least we hope so!). March has also brought one of our favorite Featured Paintings, Green Sunset Bloom. There’s just something about the light, the color, and the flowers in this painting that come together perfectly, don’t you think?

Since we adored her painting so much, we thought we’d introduce you all to the artist behind the green, Vera Malitskaya. Vera is a Paint Nite artist and also hosts events at Paint Nite Toronto. You can find her personal website at

Paint Nite artist Vera Malitskaya

Meet Vera. She’s awesome.

Hi Vera! Tell us, when did you become a Paint Nite artist and why?

When I joined the team of Paint Nite artists in April 2016, I didn’t realize what I was getting into. I knew that Paint Nite was fun, but I didn’t realize how crazy awesome it actually is! I was a full-time artist at the time and a self-employed graphic designer. As we all know, it’s not easy to sell art and make living doing it. I also have a live art performance company with my partner; art, performance, and people were always my passions. I heard about Paint Nite and I felt like I really want to try it because everything about it sounded amazing to me. It’s like all the things that I love doing combined into one! And from my very first event I knew that it was something I wanted to be doing more and more and more.

Vera Maltiskaya Paint Nite

What’s your favorite part about hosting a Paint Nite event?

Definitely the people! I love the interactions that happen during event and how excited people get when they see their paintings coming together with each brush stroke! I love seeing people complimenting each other, making new friends over a drink, helping each other mix paint colors, and making their branches look like actual branches and not like lines. All these things and a million other little things that happen at the event make my heart happy 🙂

Vera Paint Nite artist event 1
Vera Paint Nite artist event 3

How did you come up with the design of Green Sunset Blossom?

From my experience hosting events, I noticed that people really enjoy painting sunsets and blossoms, so I thought to combine the two with an addition of a non-traditional “sunset color.” I just wanted to create something that will make our guests happy.

Do you have a studio? What’s your favorite thing in your studio?

Yes, I do have a studio in my house, and I spend a loooooot of time there. My favorite thing about it is the variety of mediums and art products that I have because I really like experimenting with different techniques and going with the flow and seeing where it brings me.

What’s your favorite thing to paint and why?

I love painting living creatures: people, animals, birds…I love that I can express the character and bring an emotion or a thought to life through my painting.

What inspires you?

People inspire me the most. Most of the paintings that I created were brought to life through a set of certain emotions and feelings.

Pink version of Green Sunset Bloom painting from Paint Nite

What’s your favorite song?

I don’t have one. I like upbeat and emotional music and the lyrics are probably more important to me than the beat. I always listen to different music when I paint. It really depends on the mood of the painting and emotion I am trying to express.

Want to try your hand at Green Sunset Bloom? Find Featured Paintings in your city by going to and click the “FEATURED” button on the top right.
Happy painting!
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