Mommy's Girl Paint Nite Painting

Memories with Mom

With Mother’s Day less than a week away, we decided to host a contest to find out your favorite #MemorieswithMom, and you didn’t disappoint. From special moments like weddings and childbirth, to silly memories like road trips, dance parties, and backyard barbecues, your stories of mom made us smile, cry, and laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing your memories with us!


Mommy's Girl Paint Nite Painting

Mommy’s Girl by Rachel O’Brian


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms, grandmas, guardians, and caregivers out there who work hard each and every day to make every memory special.


Here are some of our favorite memories:

Cynthia Leyva: “My mom is very kind, dedicated, caring and lovely person. She always cares about other people first. She is the best grandmother with my daughter. I have a lot of memories with her, but one that I love was the day when I told her that I was pregnant. Her face was the most happy of all. She gave me safety and calm like she always does. I love her with all my heart.”

Valene Wong: “I feel so fortunate to have so many good memories with my mom to choose from! We’ve gone on lots of trips and adventures as a family, but I think one of my favorites is actually something pretty “normal” but shows her great love for me and my kids. Sometimes when she knows I need a little bit of time to do chores around the house she’ll tell my two young kids (her grandkids) a 20 minute story that she’s making up on the spot on FaceTime. It’s fun to see how much she can entertain and connect with them, even just through a phone.

@paintnite would love to build more #memorieswithmom and do paint nite together! #pickustowin #paintnite


Cute little throwback! #memorieswithmom


Jill Stangeland: “My mom has been gone many years now, but one memory I have; I was born on Christmas day, and she told me that Santa brings my cake. One year, she must have accidentally smashed the side of my cake, so she told me that Santa had bounced the cake off the inside of the chimney when he was coming down. From then on, until I was married, she always smashed one side of my cake for my Christmas birthday.”


#MemoriesWithMom #4Generations #NoFilter me (in the white), my mom (above me), my mom’s mom (beside my mom), my mom’s mom’s mom (in the green!) i love these women soooooo much!!!  @paintnite


Sabrina Leigh: “I have so many memories with my mom, but my favorite is boogie boarding with her as a kid. We would go to the beach in San Clemente all summer and she would get in the water with me and my sister and boogie board! Boogie boarding doesn’t happen as much anymore, but now we go to Paint Nite together ”


Heather Kenny Eborall: “My mom passed away June 26, 2000 at the age of 57. She lost her battle to cancer on that day. I have many fond memories but the one that stands out the most is her dancing with me every time she played her 50s tunes. She would also take me as her partner & teach me how to do all those fancy moves and twirls. Her smile and laughter while we were getting our “groove on” are etched in my heart. I’d love to share the contest winnings if I won with my big sister – who growing up played a huge role in mothering me. We are 10 years a part in age so it was automatic for our parents to rely on Janet as my “sitter”. Love Paint Nite! This will be my 3rd night if I won.”


Annie Gilson: “My best #MemorieswithMom are all the road trips we’ve shared together. From Washington state to Southern California & Utah down I-15 more times than I can count. The most memorable was when I was going through a divorce and she drove across 2 1/2 states (So. California to NM) to get me and my things, then drove with me back across 2 1/2 states! She’s always there! Gas stations, junk food, lots of singing in the car, and tens of thousands of miles have only made us closer!”


Paige Kadella: “My mom was a single parent taking care of my brother & I. Working two jobs to support us during the week. My greatest memory would be that she would work at the local ski lodge on the weekends just so my brother & I could go snowboarding all day for free in exchange for her working. She truly is an amazing woman.”


Memories with mom. Love her beyond words!! #memorieswithmom @plantnite


See all of the memories on our Paint Nite and Plant Nite Facebook accounts and on our contest landing page.

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