Mood Board: Sunset Merlot

You might remember our mood boards post from last month, but to refresh your memory, it’s all about inspiration. Inspiration comes from everywhere – a sunset, the waves meeting the shore, a deep glass of Merlot, a painting of all of these things together…you get the gist. So, how do you organize this inspiration? Mood Boards!

Here’s Mood Board 101 using our Paint Nite painting, Sunset Merlot. You can use these tips to create your own mood board or use this mood board to design a space around this gorgeous painting.

Step one: inspiration

Sunset Merlot Painting

See, do, hear, feel something that resonates with you. Maybe it’s an image, maybe it’s a sunset or wave crashing, maybe it’s the way your tea tasted after trying your fave bakery’s new triple berry scone. Whatever it is, save it. Take a photo, write is down, right click and save as…just hold on to it!

Step two: like items

Find other things that evoke that same feeling: colors, poems, strings of words, other flavors.

Sunset Merlot painting mood board

mood board inspirational words

tequila sunset cocktail

sunset colored flowers

Step three: organize

Take all of these like items and put them together. We call it a board, but this could be a folder on your desktop, a file in your drawer, a cork board, a wall where you have washi-taped everything in a way that makes sense to you. Or maybe it is a collage you’ve made on your computer. How you file your inspiration is 100% up to you!

Paint Nite Sunset Merlot mood board

Once you’ve completed your mood board, you can use it to design a room in your home, plan a wedding, or even create the perfect summer wardrobe. Remember that it’s about what YOU find inspiring. There’s no wrong in mood boards.

We’d love to see what you come up with. Send us your photos, mood boards, and other things that inspire you to, share in the comments below, or connect with us via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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