Nautical Pattern Mood Boards

Mood Boards: Organize Your Inspiration Like a Pro!

Inspiration strikes us randomly throughout the day. Whether it be the way a person’s outfit pairs with the storefront they’re walking by, or how the raindrops look on your apartment window as the sun begins to rise, inspiration can be found all over! But with a plethora of inspiring ideas, visions, colors, and more, how can we possibly keep everything accessible? Mood boards.

Mood boards are a visual representation of ideas and things that go together in color, theme, use, etc. So, how does one make a mood board? Follow along below!

Step one: inspiration

So, you saw something that tickled your fancy? Great! Take a picture, search an image online, or hold on to it if it’s easy to carry/legal to take (very important—please don’t steal).

Maybe you saw this painting on our Featured Painting email and were immediately whisked away by an ocean breeze. And maybe that ocean breeze gave you nautical dreams of renovating a room to be a salt-water oasis of driftwood, shiplap, knots, and anchors. Maybe you’re not 100% ready to lay down the finances for a renovation, but you can still prep your mood board for when that day comes. But, where to start? Color!

Step two: color palette

Firstly, you’re going to need to transform your inspiration into a tangible color palette. For this, you can use a color-picking tool to directly select colors featured in your inspiration, or you can use it as a guide for selecting your own complimenting colors.

For this palette, we used a color-picking tool to select the varying blues in our palette and then paired it with a bright red for some contrast. Great, now that you have a palette, it’s time to start building on your inspiration.

Step three: inspiration multiplication

This is the fun part! Take your inspiration and start looking for other things that fit well with it. We took to Pinterest and delved into the world of nautical home decor. Save anything you love or that speaks to you! It doesn’t have to be perfect—mood boards aren’t a finished product. They’re simply intended to create a mood, feeling, and direction for your inspiration.

via Pinterest

Start collecting ideas you like one by one….

via Pinterest

…and soon you’ll be able to lay them all out into your mood board!

all images via Pinterest

Once your mood board is complete, hold onto it as quick reference and direction for future projects. With the help of a mood board, you have a more clear vision of your aesthetic and an organized depiction of your inspiration!

So, what will you create next? We want to see what inspires you! Show us your color palettes and mood boards with the hashtag #PaintNiteInspires.

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