New Year's Eve

New Year’s hangover cures: Paint Nite HQ edition

Many of us swear by unique remedies to cure the pain after a night of heavy drinking. As Paint Nite employees, we do alcohol-infused events all week, so we think of ourselves as experts in the field of hangover prevention. I asked a few coworkers what they’re drinking on New Year’s Eve and how they plan on deterring “Mr. Scary” on New Year’s morning, and here’s what they had to say.

New Year's Eve


Drink(s) of choice: “Champaign is a must, but for me, it’s not a party without hard cider.”

Hangover prevention tip(s): “Chocolate. On New Year’s morning, my friends and I go out for crepes. Nothing cures my hangovers faster than a strawberry Nutella crepe and a huge cup of hot chocolate.”


Drink(s) of choice: “I don’t limit myself by choosing what I’m drinking—whatever is handed to me, I will consume.”

Hangover prevention tip(s): “I have an age-old tradition where I eat a kimchi deviled egg before I start drinking (and save the rest for the morning after)—there’s something in the Kimchi that helps, I swear. On the morning after, I usually just drink a glass of cold milk with Carnation Breakfast Essentials mixed in. It’s delicious and gives me all my essential vitamins.”


Drink(s) of choice: “Probably wine, vodka cocktails, and champagne (duh!).”

Hangover prevention tip(s): “I start with the obvious: drink lots of water and EAT before the booze really starts flowing. As for the next morning, there’s only one surefire remedy in my book: A cold mug of chocolate milk (whole milk, Hershey’s syrup) and an everything bagel with extra cream cheese (from Bruegger’s). Bread soaks up the alcohol in your stomach, right!?”


Drink(s) of choice: “IPA to kill my liver and what remains of 2016.”

Hangover prevention tip(s): “Normally after a night of drinking heavy beers, I don’t want to do anything but die quietly in my bed. But what usually works for me is also pretty painful: exercise. If I can sit upright long enough to lace up my shoes, then I can move about long enough to break a sweat. I’ll usually run a route in the area where I spent the night before, so I can pick up any jettisoned pieces of clothing, keys, pride, etc.”


Drink(s) of choice: “Beer.”

Hangover prevention tip(s):I’ve got a three-pronged approach to curing a hangover. You start by downing a full bottle of water right before bed (at least 16 ounces), take two aspirin (if you have the kind with a sleeping aid in it, take those!). In the morning, drink a whole bottle of Pedialyte. It’s not the best tasting stuff, but dilute it with water—it’ll make it go down a little smoother. Last step, take a shower, and voila! You’ll be feeling at least 50 percent better.”


Drink(s) of choice: “Let’s be honest. This is going to go one of two ways: I’ll say ‘yes’ to several New Year’s Eve invitations, only to bail on them all in favor of sleeping (in the hopes of forgetting as much as 2016 as possible), or I’ll end up drinking an ungodly combination of craft beers, cocktails, scotch, and sparkling wine of uncertain pedigree (also in the hopes of forgetting as much of 2016 as possible). It’s a toss-up.”

Hangover prevention tip(s): “Drink Water. Water is the answer, but the key is to drink it while you’re still out and about. Don’t be self conscious—it doesn’t matter how many times you have to run to the bathroom. Get a head start on lying about your resolutions, and tell people you’re running a post NYE 5k. Discover your own excuses, but every ounce of water you down the night before is worth it the next day.”


Drink(s) of choice: “Cider and whiskey sodas.”

Hangover prevention tip(s):I drink whiskey soda waters, so I’m dehydrating and hydrating simultaneously. I swear it works. I’ll also be defrosting the 10 pounds of chicken wings I have in my freezer and eating most of them—got to have a good base when you’re drinking all night. My last tactic is to sleep through as much of the hangover as possible—if you’re not awake for it, it’s like it never happened.”


Drink(s) of choice: “Canadian Club rye or Tito’s vodka (on the rocks). I’m sure there’ll be more than a few Busch Lights sprinkled into my night, too.”

Hangover prevention tip(s): “Mimosas. That’ll be all.”


Good luck and be safe everybody. Happy New Year!

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