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The Paint Nite Playlist: Currently Feeling Zen

Let’s get real for a minute: Sometimes life gets a little zany and you just need a moment of Zen. Especially during the holiday season. We get it.

Whether you decompress by watching your favorite TV series, sharing drinks with a best friend, painting or planting with your squad, or driving around town, we’re pretty sure some appropriate music fits the bill.

We’re all about feelings. Those deep feels you get when you accomplish something amazing, or when you laugh so hard you spit your wine across the room, or when a throwback Thursday reminds you how much you loved the game Perfection. We want to bottle those amazing feelings up and spread them across Paint Nite Nation.

This week, we want you to feel that Zen-like magic that comes from clearing your mind and focusing on yourself, so we’re getting our music vibe on with the Paint Nite Playlist— Currently Feeling Zen.

We’ve filled this Spotify playlist with our favorite songs to chill out to. Hope they bring you the best possible feelings.

Got some favorite songs to share? Email us your favorite Zen songs to, or leave us a comment below and we’ll add them to this playlist.

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