Paint Nite rogue painting Lord of the Rings

When Paint Niters Go Rogue

Paint Nite is so much more than an art class or a painting by numbers. Our local artists take you through the techniques and steps you need to take to really master your painting, while keeping the nite vibrant and entertaining. They’re there to make you smile, but also to help if you have any questions or need an extra hand.

That means that if you’re new to painting, you can take home something you’re really proud of and learn a new skill while you’re at it. Win!

It also means that if you’re a seasoned pro (or just dare to be different), you can always go “rogue” and take your painting to a totally unique place and create something completely different than everyone else in the room. And that’s kind of awesome.

Every so often, we come across fan photos showing the incredibly creative ways our customers bring their artwork to life. Like adding Star Wars characters, or painting caricatures of customers while they’re painting something else…or these awesome photos.

Check out these rogue Paint Nite paintings

Paint Nite rogue painting Star Wars



Paint Nite rogue painting UFO



Paint Nite rogue painting Whiskey



Paint Nite rogue painting Lord of the Rings



Paint Nite rogue painting alien



Paint Nite rogue painting Godzilla



Paint Nite rogue painting cat



Have you “gone rogue” at a Paint Nite event? Or know someone who has? Use #PaintNiteRogue on Insta or email us a picture at, and we’ll give the first five people two tickets each to an upcoming Paint Nite!

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