cryptic creatures - plant nite dinosaur unboxing

What’s Inside? A New Plant Nite Dinosaur Unboxing

 We have a brand new New Plant Nite dinosaur unboxing for you. Our newest shipment of dinosaurs just arrived for your next Plant Nite. Watch to see what new Cretaceous (or Jurassic) creatures we’re pulling out next.

Love adding fun decor to your terrariums? Us too! Find a Plant Nite event in your neighborhood and choose your favorite dinosaurs to complete a terrarium for your home or office.

Been to Plant Nite? Share your photos with us using #MyPlantNite and see what’s going on at Plant Nite by checking out our photos page.

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  • Fran Barrett says:

    I bought 4 plantnite events thru Groupon and I need to find parties in my area. Santa Rosa, Ca

  • Cheryl Dickson says:

    Many style containers are needed to be brought to our area as options like the wine bottles used for both as planters and as the canvas painting it with fairy lights. Also many other style being used in other New England markets. We need more style of container and ideas instead of the same over and over again.

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