plant tips: 6 ways to avoid killing your succulents

No, you won’t kill those succulents. I know you’re thinking it. You went to Plant Nite, you were filled with excitement, and now you’re back at home wishing you listened better during the event.

Don’t panic. You won’t kill them. You can do this. We believe in you.

There are six things to know when it comes to keeping succulents alive. Only six. It’s that easy. In no particular order, here they are:

1. don’t over water them

I know that you’re nervous that you didn’t water them enough. You’re busy. It’s hard to remember to brush your hair in the morning let alone water your plants. Don’t make up for missing last week’s watering session by dumping a ton of water on at once. May we introduce you to portion control: use a shot glass to ensure you give your plants just the right amount of water.


2. equal parts sun AND shade

Yes, succulents seem like they belong in the desert where there’s all-day, unrelenting sun, don’t they? Apparently, they’re not into that. Switch it up and move them around so that they get a good amount of sun AND shade.

3. start with the right soil

Yep, I should’ve led with this one. We’ll give you the right soil at Plant Nite, so if you leave the plants alone you’ll be all good. If you decide to move your plants and repot them, grab a bag of soil designed for succulents. It’ll keep your plants way happier.

4. consider buying succulent plant food

Miracle Gro Succulent Plant Food

This isn’t a must, but succulent plant food will help your plants grow big and strong. And big and strong means not dead, so that’s likely worth the investment. Just sayin’.

5. water your plants before repotting them

Repotting succulents is easy (check out our video below), but don’t forget to water your plants before repotting them.

6. drainage

We’ll make sure you have drainage in your terrarium when you come to Plant Nite, but if you move your succulents (since they’ll be so big and alive and fantastic), make sure to provide drainage. Either drill a hole into the bottom of your container or add in some rocks or stones to let that water go somewhere.

Plant Nite succulent terrarium

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