Paintings and Personalities

QUIZ: What your painting techniques say about your personality

Do you ever wonder why your painting always looks so much different than everyone else’s at Paint Nite? Believe it or not, it’s not all due to your level of experience. It actually has a lot to do with your personality.

There are 16 distinct personality types according to research, and each translates to creativity in its own way. That means, since everyone has a unique personality, everyone has a unique painting!


Paintings and Personalities


Think you know yourself? Take this quiz to find out which of the 16 personality types fits you best based on your painting techniques at Paint Nite.

Do you always follow along with your Creative Host?

Which brush do you use most?

How do you apply your brushstrokes?

Which shade of colors do you tend to use most?

Which best defines your level of focus throughout the event?

Which of the following is your preferred subject matter?

Which of the following best defines your style?

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  • Anshu yadav says:

    I like that type quite

  • suzanne says:

    i have only painted with a lady that had a place for several years, she could do different times as i am sick & do not get out or very far very often. looking for the simple kind of painting such as ‘plaint with twist’ but it may only be me, friends work…but might could get several together here pretty soon as i could gather only a few.
    Do you travel i am in n richland hills…could do grapevine colleyville bedford..are those out of your way.
    i do this for my depression & anxiety pstd….ANYway~is this anything you do & where would you do a class or are you an artist above what i am searching for. if so, do you have any suggestions or know someone that does do this or knows someone😊i am wanting to do this again So much. Do not know where & how your group works or has to offer, if you could please advise, suggestions. Help please…..
    thank you So Much for your time in reading this over.
    let me know if you might have any ideas.

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Hi Suzanne,
      Thank you so much for your note. We’re so happy to hear that painting and creativity help you with your depression and anxiety. A bit about us: our events happen in bars and restaurants across North America. So it is definitely likely that we would/could have an event near you. Where are you located? You can find your local Paint Nite team by visiting this page:

      And you can find events in your area by visiting

      Let me know if I can offer any further help.


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