Paint Nite Live from Chicago

these paintings are way too insta-worthy to be kept inside

Who says paintings have to be hung on a wall? Our newest paintings are way too Insta-worthy to be kept inside. So we unleashed them on some of our favorite cities with a little help from the amazing photographers at Bucketlisters.

Just like our paintings, each city has a story, a vibe, a feel, and a tribe. Whether you’re in the coordinated chaos of Manhattan (#TeamNYC) or in the peaceful serenity of Lake Tahoe (#TeamTahoe), we get that your city speaks to you and we want to hear what it’s saying.

Take a look at our painting postcards and then send us one of your own. Use #ShowUsYourCity and tag @paintnite on Insta to show us your city (and favorite painting!)

Penelope took NYC


Paint Nite live from NYC

“New York is like a constellation of different cities and landscapes smashed together. There’s always a new neighborhood to try, or somewhere to visit that fits my mood at the moment. It has everything you could want.” – Jeff Silberman, @newyork_instagram

Endless Summer II was spotted in Los Angeles


Paint Nite Live from Los Angeles

“I love the ability to day-trip. It can be as simple as heading to a different section of LA you’ve never been before, or drive 2-4 hours to the mountains, deserts, or forests of California.” – Aaron Weiss, @losangelesbucketlist

And both Bright and Whimsical Tulip made an appearance in Chicago


Paint Nite Live from Chicago
“I love Chicago because of its people.  You get the benefits of living in a world-class city, while still having the friendly environment of a small town.” – Andy Lederman, @insta_chicago

Our Creative Entrepreneurs host Paint Nite events in over 1,500 cities worldwide. Join the creative revolution and come paint with us tonite!

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