Signature Sips Citrus Fizz Cocktail

signature sips: citrus spring fizz

It’s been a chilly week here at Paint Nite, and we needed something to help us look forward to sunny spring days. Light, refreshing, and the slightest bit bubbly, the citrus fizz transported us to mid-May. It was beautiful there! We were almost able to ignore the feet of snow piling up outside. Almost.

Sounds pretty great, don’t you think? Here’s how we built our spring time machine:

Step one: cocktail elements

  • Vodka
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon
  • Ginger beer
  • Rosemary



Step two: vodka

Take a shaker of ice and add in your vodka. Each cocktail calls for an ounce of vodka, so multiply by the number of servings you wish to make and you’re good to go!


Step three: ginger beer

Fill your shaker almost to the top with ginger beer.

ginger beer

Make sure you leave enough room for the next step…

Step four: juice

Juice a full grapefruit and one lemon. Add your juice (about a quarter cup) to your shaker.


Step five: shake!

Add some rosemary to the shaker and then…you guessed it, shake!


Step six: enjoy

Last step! Pour your cocktail into a glass, then garnish with rosemary and any citrus fruit of your choosing. Remember, if you try this at home, use the hashtag #PaintNiteBuzz.



Cheers! Happy Sipping!

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