Signature Sips: Dunkaroo Doozy

Do you remember Dunkaroos? Delicious snack-size graham-flavored cookies that you got to dunk in your own personal sprinkle-infused frosting? Does this jog your memory?

You were the talk of the cafeteria if you had these in your lunchbox. The other kids always tried to trade their whole lunches for your single pack of Dunkaroos, but you never took them up on the offer. You knew that there was only one right way to get your sugar fix on: Dunkaroos.

Unfortunately, our adult lunchboxes are filled with kale salad, hummus, and a square of dark chocolate as a treat. We know that our metabolism is not the same as it was in our Dunkaroo days, but still, wasn’t lunch so much more fun as a kid?! We wanted to relive our glory days by bringing our favorite childhood snack into 2017 and give it the adult kick we all need at the end of a work day: vodka. So, may we present to you, the Dunkaroo Doozy.


For the Dunkaroo Doozy, you will need:

  • Dunkaroos (these are no longer sold in United States stores, you can buy them here!)
  • Vodka
  • Bailey’s
  • Kahlua
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Sprinkles!

Step one: prep

First, open up your Dunkaroo packages and use a knife to apply a generous amount of frosting to the rim of your glasses.

Next, dip your glasses into sprinkles to create a fun and festive edge to your cocktail.

Step two: ice cream

Now, place a scoop of ice cream into each of your glasses.

Step three: liquor

The fun part! Add an ounce of vodka….

an ounce of Bailey’s….

and an ounce of Kahlua to your glasses. Yum!

Step four: garnish!

Finally, give your cocktail a quick stir and dress it up with a Dunkaroo cookie and a rainbow star!

Cheers – happy sipping and reminiscing!

Feeling nostalgic? Let us know how Paint Nite (and Dunkaroos!)  make you feel by sharing photos, videos, and status updates using #getthefeelings

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