Signature Sips Gin Fizz Twist

Signature Sips: Gin Fizz Twist

What’s cool, refreshing, and fizzy as can be? The Gin Fizz Twist! For our Signature Sip this week, we decided to try for a new take on a classic cocktail.

Paint Nite Fun-Fact: One of our conference rooms is actually named Gin Fizz!

Let’s get started!


For the Gin Fizz Twist you will need:

  • Gin (Hendricks or Tanqueray)
  • St. Germaine
  • Sparkling water
  • Thyme
  • Cucumber slices
  • Lime
  • Simple syrup (optional)

Step one: muddle your ingredients

Slice up a generous amount of cucumber, lime, and thyme and place in a glass. Now, add a small amount of lime juice (or simple syrup if you want to sweeten things up)! Then, muddle!

Finally, take a shaker full of ice and add your mixture into it.

Step two: liquor

Add in an ounce of gin and a half ounce of St. Germain to your shaker. Multiply this by your desired number of servings.

Step three: sparkling water

Almost there! Fill your shaker to the top with sparkling water, then close your shaker and shake until combined and frothy!

Step four: finishing touches

All that is left to do is pour your cocktail evenly between glasses and garnish with slices of cucumber, lime, and a sprig of thyme!

Cheers…happy sipping!

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