Signature Sips: Gushers Lemonade Cocktails

Remember Gushers? The chewy fruit snacks (candy) that had ooey gooey fruit syrup inside? Maybe the commercial will jog your memory. We loved these back in the good old days, but the whole “flavor so big your head will explode” may have taken it a little too far. Terrifying.

In honor of our cavity-riddled childhoods, we decided to give this throwback snack a boozey twist! Check out how to make Gushers Lemonade Cocktails below:


Gushers Lemonade ingredients

For this ode to cavities, you’ll need:

  • Vodka
  • Lemonade
  • Strawberries
  • Gushers

Step one: muddle

Gushers Lemonade on the bar

Take a glass and add in diced strawberry and a few gushers. Muddle until lightly pureed.

Step two: boozey lemons

Just add vodka

Now, add a shot of vodka to each glass and then top with lemonade.

Step three: garnish

Gushers Lemonade cocktails

Finally, place some gushers on a skewer, and viola.

Cheers—happy reminiscing!

Gushers not your thing? No worries. We’ve been throwing it back all month long with our favorite nostalgia-inducing recipes and crafts, including the Dunkaroo Doozy cocktail and this Paint Nite playlist that is sure to bring back some memories.

We’d love to hear your favorite childhood memories. What brings it all back for you? What’s your favorite memory? Leave us a comment below or share with us via social.

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