Signature Sips: Lemon Drop

Cheers from Rhode Island! We asked YOU to share some of your favorite cocktails for a chance to be featured, and today we are highlighting Plant Nite Providence Rhode Island customer, Diane Pike. Diane’s favorite cocktail is The Lemon Drop!

Rhode Island Lemon Drop cocktail

Light, refreshing, and delightfully tart, The Lemon Drop is a summer must have. So we’re making it for you today. This cocktail is simple to make, but the freshly squeezed lemonade and the sugared rim of your glass will have your friends calling you a master mixologist. So, how do you make it? We’ll show you!


lemon drop cocktail ingredients

For this cocktail you will need:

  • Vodka
  • Triple Sec
  • Lemons
  • Sugar

Step one: add your liquors

add liquor to your cocktail shaker

First, take a shaker and fill it with ice. Then, add in four ounces of vodka, and two ounces of Triple Sec to the shaker.

Step two: lemonade

Add lemon juice to your cocktail shaker

Now, squeeze enough lemons to yield a cup of lemon juice and add it to your shaker. You can also use pre-squeezed lemon juice or lemonade.

Step three: sugar

Add sugar to your cocktail shaker

Lemon juice is quite tart, so add a little sure to help neutralize the sharpness. If you like your cocktails sweet, use more sugar. If you love your cocktails mouth-puckering, use less!

shake that cocktail up

Once all of the ingredients are inside the shaker, shake it until a light frost begins to form on the outside.

Step four: finishing touches

roll the rim of your glass with sugar

The Lemon Drop comes served in a chilled glass with a sugar rim. Use a piece of lemon to wet the edge and then dip it in sugar.

the lemon drop cocktail

All that’s left to do is to pour your cocktail into some glasses and enjoy!

Planning a summer party? Serve this cocktail to your guests AND check out our summer party planning tips.

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