Signature Sips: Strawberry Basil Mule

Our herb garden is in full bloom, and we’re so excited to put the fruits (herbs?) of our labor to use! Cocktails are always delicious, but have you tried adding herbs before? Herbs like sage, mint, basil, and thyme take your sweet and refreshing beverage up to a whole new bright and flavorful level!

For this week’s Signature Sips, we wanted to give the classic Moscow Mule a makeover. With the addition of muddled strawberry and basil, we’re not sure we’ll ever drink it the old way ever again. Follow along below for directions to make this at home.

Step one: ingredients

For the strawberry basil mule, you’ll need…

  • Vodka
  • Ginger beer
  • Limes
  • Strawberries
  • Basil

Step two: muddle

To create the strawberry and basil profile, you’ll need to muddle them together. Slice up some strawberry, chiffon some basil, and add a 1/4 cup of lime juice to a small bowl.

Use a spoon or muddler to smash the ingredients together. There’s no right way to do this—you just want to make sure you get all of those delicious flavors mixing and mingling for a while.

Once you’re pleased with your handiwork, scoop an equal portion into each glass.

Step three: vodka

Now, add an ounce or two of vodka to each of your glasses.

Step four: ginger beer

Almost there! Fill each of your glasses to the top with ginger beer.

Step five: garnish

The best part: Top your cocktail with some fresh basil and a strawberry….

…or even add a fun straw!

Cheers…happy sipping!

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