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Boozy. Coffee. Boozy. Coffee. Boozy. Coffee. Never has there been two words so eloquently paired in the English language. Matched syllables. A rhythmic cadence. Even a hint of rhyme.

It’s safe to say, we’ve officially done it. The Tennessee Buzz is the only beverage you’ll ever need. Rough Monday morning? Bam! The Tennessee Buzz is there to help you wash your troubles away. Celebrating the end of a long and taxing week? Wapam! There it is again. Reliable and strong, this iced masterpiece is sure to make its way into your daily grind (ay? ayyyyy?). We mean it, this drink is going to give all other caffeine in your life a brewed awakening (oh my god,  I’m on fire.). But seriously, trust us on this one.

Let’s get going before I make any more weak puns. I’ve had four of these and I truly have more than a buzz.

Step one: you guessed it! Ingredients 

Gather it all together. Line it up. #instaworthy

  • Whiskey
  • Chilled coffee
  • Milk or cream
  • Simple syrup (we used vanilla bean)
  • Ice


Step two: whiskey

Pour a generous amount of whiskey in a glass of ice. Personally, I don’t measure out this step because I don’t like to limit myself and whiskey is  amazing, but if you play by the rules, go ahead and use an ounce (per glass).













Step three: 

Next, add in your simple syrup. We opted for vanilla bean to add a layer of flavor, but any type of sweetener will do! Adjust your ratio depending on how sweet you like your coffee. We aimed for somewhere in the middle: sweet enough to cut the sharpness, but not so sweet as to overwhelm the palate.

ReachingSimple Syrup











Step four: cool beans

It’s coffee time! Fill up your glass with the chilled coffee. Make sure to save room for milk!


Step five: milky way

Time to get frothy! You’ve got some options here. Simply add milk or cream, OR froth your milk. You can achieve this by whisking for 1 – 2 minutes, or by using an actual milk frother.


Step six: finishing touches

Almost there! Sprinkle with cinnamon or cocoa powder and add a fun straw. Viola! The Tennessee Buzz is complete!


Did you love this recipe? Give it a try! Show us your Tennessee Buzz on Instagram and use the hashtag #PaintNiteBuzz for a chance to be featured!


Cheers…Happy sipping!



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