Signature Sips: The Dalles Wasco Floozy

We’re hitting the road again and reporting from beautiful Oregon! The Dalles Paint Nite and Plant Nite licensee, Jill McDonald, has shared with us one of her all-time favorites: The Wasco Floozy!

The Floozy hails from Clock Towers Ales and is a delicious combination of strawberry and lemon flavors. We went with raspberry vodka instead of strawberry to give it a different taste.

So what is a Wasco Floozy, anyhow? Great question. Here’s what Jill had to say: “Clock Tower Ales is the site of the 2nd Wasco County Courthouse, and was the site of the last public hanging in 1905. Wasco County celebrates its history and there is a special group of ‘Floozies’ who greet visitors regularly downtown. Thus, the name Wasco Floozy!”

Cheers from Oregon

So, how do we make it? Check it out:


Wasco Floozy Ingredients

For this cocktail, you will need:

  • Stoli Strasberry Vodka or Stoli Razberi if you want to go raspberry like we did
  • Strawberry puree
  • Lemons or lemonade

Step one: puree

Strawberry puree

First, cut the green off and half your strawberries. The, puree until you have a smooth texture. You can strain this for a seedless consistency, or leave as it! Once you have your puree, spoon a generous amount into your glasses.

Step two: vodka

pour the vodka

Now, add an ounce (or two) of vodka to each of your glasses.

Step three: when life gives you lemons…

top with lemonade

…make lemonade! Top each of your glasses with delicious and refreshing hand-squeezed (or store-bought) lemonade! Our publicist, Courtney, has a great recipe for how to make fresh strawberry mint lemonade. It would be perfect in this recipe.

Step four: finishing touches!

garnish your cocktail!

Now, mix your cocktail together, garnish, and enjoy! You’ve just become a Wasco Floozy and didn’t even realize it.

pair with a painting!

Thanks, Jill! And happy sipping, everyone. There’s nothing quite like lemonade (with a kick) to get you into the summer season.

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