Paint Nite featured painting Alluring Blossoms

Watch Spring Literally Appear Before Your Eyes

Are you craving spring as much as we are? Here’s something to get you through the tail-end of winter: Watch artist Chris McMillion paint Alluring Blossoms, a Paint Nite original painting by Miami artist Andrea Soto. She was inspired by watercolor techniques when creating this painting. Says Andrea, “I feel it is easy to teach beginners in this style because it involves a lot of whimsical strokes and “smushing around” that doesn’t require a lot of concentration.” And who doesn’t love some good smushing? Plus, When those whimsical flowers appear on the canvas, we can almost feel the weather turning warmer.

Later this month, we’ll be sharing our entire interview with April’s Featured Artist, Andrea Soto. In the meantime, leave us a comment and let us know what you think of Alluring Blossoms. Are you planning on painting this one? Have you already tried it out? Leave us a note.

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  • Karen Caldwell says:

    Last fall I went to PaintNite with my colleagues from the IWK Clinical Nutrition Department. It was a fun and wonderful way to spend time with business associates or friends. At the end of the evening you got to take home a wonder painting. I would recommend PaintNite to anyone who wants to try painting, you can do it! I have not painted the Cherry Blossoms, but I think I would like to do this one as well, it makes you happy! Karen

  • Cherie Amore says:

    I bought a paint nite but I can’t find my purchase are you able to pull for me so I may reserve a seat for tonight?

  • Saxxon condo says:

    Hi there I so love your painting!!!

    I want to join but I am in hospital for while …. So I wonder does it work I pay
    You to come if you need more ladies or kids
    Please please make it happen if you need more people or kids ? I have 2 oldest kids …..does it work ..

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