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5 Spring Cocktails to Pair with Your Paintings and Terrariums

In case you haven’t heard us say it before, cocktails and creativity are what we’re all about. There’s really nothing better than pairing a delicious beverage with a beautiful painting or terrarium that you created at Paint Nite or Plant Nite.

Here are five of our favorite spring sips that we think go perfectly with Petal Power paintings from our April Exhibition, and bright floral-inspired terrariums.

1. Lavender Lemonade

Finished Lavender Lemonade Cocktail


Lavender has long been known for its calming properties, and we think this combo is no exception. Just picture yourself sipping this refreshing lemonade, surrounded by soothing shades of purple that give your space the ultimate state of zen.


Paint Nite flower painting

“For My Laven-dear” by Katrina Reid



purple Plant Nite Terrarium

“Succulents in Slope Bowl with Amethyst Cluster”


 2. Pop Rocks Fizz

blue cocktails


Remember the first time you tried Pop Rocks as a kid? You probably thought it was like magic, right? That’s the same kind of feeling you’ll get drinking this cocktail. Try adding a floral fantasy painting or unicorn terrarium to the mix for a truly magical nite.


multicolored floral painting

“Floral Fantasy II” by Shannon Chiba



unicorn terrarium

“Magical Unicorn Terrarium”


3. Pineapple Margaritas


This month’s forecast: sunny days ahead! Paint or plant your way to a sunshine state-of-mind with a fruity cocktail and vibrant creations. We may not be meteorologists, but we’re pretty sure about this one.


sunflower painting

“Sunflower Pop” by Shannon Chiba




cacti terrarium

“Cacti Terrarium in Glass Slope Bowl”


4. Pixy Stix Pucker 


Talk about a throwback! Who knew your favorite sweet treat from childhood could make such a great cocktail? We think it goes best with some nostalgic figurines and a little coloring painting outside the lines.


colorful flower painting

“A Different Flower Painting” by Andria Moss


nostalgic terrarium

“What’s Your Nostalgia? Succulent Sand Art Slope Bowl”

5. Raspberry Beret


There’s just something about shades of bright pink that make us feel like spring has finally sprung. Get in the springtime spirit with a delicious berry cocktail while you create your own pretty-in-pink painting or terrarium.


pink spring flower painting

“Coneflower Pop” by Samantha Bonacorsa


pink-themed terrarium

“Air Plant Terrarium in Glass Slope Bowl Sand Art”


Which combo do you like most? Let us know in the comments below.

And, check out our event calendars at Paint Nite and Plant Nite to find spring-inspired events near you!

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