backyard porch patio decorating ideas

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Spaces this Summer

Ah, summer. Traveling, festivals, beach trips, escapes. Sounds like you might need a vacation from your vacations? Well, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to travel far for an oasis this summer. Simply follow some of our tips for creating relaxing outdoor spaces for an afternoon getaway, or making your backyard parties #extra.

backyard porch patio decorating ideas

Tips for Decorating Your Backyard, Porch, Patio, and Outdoor Spaces

try adding terrariums to your outdoor spaces this summer


Think about your table needs. Is the space a respite for you to get away or are you thinking of hosting 20 of your closest friends for brunch every Sunday Funday? Let your table fit your needs, but make sure there’s enough room for all the food and drinks.

More Nature 

Add plants to the space to bring more natural elements. After all, the season is short; bring the vegetation to you and soak it in. Your Plant Nite terrariums and herb gardens love all that natural summer sun anyway.

Plenty of Seating

Swings, bistro chairs, or upholstered sofas, you need a comfy place to rest your adventure-weary bones. Cushions and colorful pillows provide enough comfort for you to sit for long hours at a time. Also, get yourself a snuggly throw blanket for when the sun goes down. This is a must.

Outdoor Lighting

Bring in some mood lighting. Fairy string lights, globe bistro lights, and candles throw off a warm glow. If you’re feeling really extra, an adjustable outdoor chandelier will punch up the luxe factor.

Fire Pit

One word. S’mores. Add a little excitement with fire table or bowl. If you’re combining this with our next tip, just be careful.

Backyard Bar

Set up an easy-access bar or cocktail cabinet with all your favorites so you can rosé all day and not interrupt your tranquility by having to go back inside to get a refill. We’re thinking one of our Signature Sips will do the trick: Tequila Sunrise

Chic Decor 

Punch up the design factor and hang paintings in your outdoor space. Either on a wall or hang from your canopy using string or fishing line. Paint Nite’s Wanderlust paintings are perfect for summer parties to give you those vacation feels. And as you know, your art will provide more personality, color, and excitement to your space. It’s especially helpful if your panoramic views are subpar.

Pro tip: Your Paint Nite art will hold up well outside with a few easy steps. Simply spray your painting with a clear acrylic sealer for the front and a polyurethane sealer for the back frame.

Plant Nite Backyard Decorating Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

So enjoy that summer sun and use items you have to create an amazing retreat in your backyard or outdoor spaces.


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