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Team Building: 3 Easy Steps to Success

Collaborate. Break down silos. Work interdepartmentally.

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If you’re in an office setting, you’ve likely heard it all before, but it can be difficult to work collaboratively when you don’t really know your coworkers and colleagues all that well. Especially if you work for a larger organization or are new to the group.


That’s where team building comes in. Sure, you can absolutely get to know your coworkers better around the lunch table (if you’re not all too busy to meet up for a break), but really getting to know the entire team is easier and more beneficial through a shared experience.


Team building is more than just a fun way to get to know your coworkers. It can actually facilitate communication, inspire creative thinking and problem solving, and even motivate employees. Over the last five to ten years, more and more businesses have begun adding team building and team bonding experiences to their plans and are thinking more about their overall corporate culture.


But how to get started?


Here are three easy steps to start you off with team building in your workplace.


Get out of the office



This may seem somewhat obvious and certainly will require some up-front planning, but getting the entire team out of the office space is a necessary first step to successful team building.


After all, part of the goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and ready to not only get to know one another better, but also to collaborate and start to break down some of the barriers that may exist. A fresh space is always best for a new start.

Peerspace Corporate Events

Finding the perfect spot for your team building activities doesn’t have to be hard. You can try a service like Peerspace. Peerspace is a platform that lets you search thousands of unique spaces in your neighborhood, find the one that works for you, and speak directly with the host to make booking easy and fast.


Remember, this is a great opportunity to find a space that is nothing like your usual office scene. You may be surprised to find that a creative space brings out creativity in your team.  



Get to know each other

Have a plan going into your team building day. Start off with some simple icebreakers to put everyone at ease. You can try these three (or come up with some of your own).


  • Find 10 things in common with someone else in the group (and no… hair color doesn’t count)
  • Two truths and a lie
  • Scavenger hunt


If you’re in a larger group, this is a great opportunity to mix it up and form smaller groups of colleagues who don’t often work together.


Remember that it doesn’t need to be too complicated. The whole point of icebreakers is really just to get through that initial awkward period where everyone feels a little uncertain about what to say or do.



Get creative together

Make sure you plan at least one creative element for your team building offsite. Whether it’s a cooking class or making terrariums together, making something together is the best way to break the ice and build strong relationships.

Paint Nite Collaborative Canvas

Have you seen our Paint Nite Collaborative Canvas experience? Your team can work together to create one big mural out of individual paintings. Everyone will learn how to paint their piece and work together to create something beautiful.

Paint Nite Collaborative Canvas

Collaborative Canvas is easy to plan. You’ll get your own event manager to help you throughout the process, including helping you select the perfect mural design for your team. The experience lasts for 2 hours, includes a professional artist to help your team with tips and techniques, and is a lot of fun (particularly if you add in some drinks and snacks).


Bonus! You can hang the final murals in your office as a reminder of your successful team building.


Paint Nite and Plant Nite also offer corporate events where you can paint or plant with your whole team and everyone gets to bring home (or back to the office) their finished product.


Here’s to collaboration, breaking down silos, and building a truly fantastic team who are champion communicators! You’ve got this.


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