Throwbacks you almost forgot about

There’s nothing wrong with a little nostalgia. In today’s age of #TBT and 90’s trends we never wanted to see again (looking at you, choker necklaces), it’s hard not to be caught reminiscing from time to time.

We all remember the bad haircut we had when we were ten (bowl cuts, for the win), and the fashion trend we should have never, ever, ever, tried (low-rise mini skirts, #2001). But what about those other things—the things you’ve probably almost forgotten about?

Well, we’re here to round them up for you! So, put on your moon shoes, strap on your fave fanny pack, swipe on some blue eye shadow, and let’s depart down Memory Lane.

Toys on the top of your wish list

Whether it was the newest edition of Candy Land, or a light up Razor Scooter, there were some items that everyone had on their wish list.

Lite Brite 

Lite Brite

Remember the commercial jingle? When we think back, we immediately want to call home to see if our Lite Brites are still in the attic somewhere. This toy was the coolest. With tons of small pieces to lose on the floor, and amazing templates of butterflies and clowns, the Lite Brite was all we wanted for every holiday. Plus, the commercial made it seem like, when you had one, you were going to start having these elaborate sleep-overs with pop corn, pillow forts, and thirty best friends—now that we say it, we kind of want one now #tbh.

Skip It

The Skip-it

Who doesn’t love bruised ankles? The Skip It was on every playground in the 90s. It had a skip counter on it so that you could embrace competition and wear yourself out trying to beat your highest skip score. Maybe a Skip It would help pump up our current cardio routine? Food for thought.


The Game of Perfection

Basically, you have 60 seconds to fit 25 unique shapes into 25 unique slots, and if you run out of time, the board pops and pieces go everywhere. Not to mention, there’s the incessant ticking of the timer running out. We’re getting anxious just writing about this. But still, we really, really wanted this game, and the commercial made it seem SO fun.

Snack attack

You were the talk of the cafeteria if you had these treats in your lunch box…

Fruit Stripe

Fruit Stripe

Sugary gum that loses its flavor after three seconds and also lets you tattoo your skin with the printed wrapper? Sign us up! Plus, we loved the weird commercial that couldn’t really choose a stylistic theme. Is it animation? Clay-mation? Who knows.

Ring Pops

Ring Pops

A lollipop that is also a ring? Why not! Perfect for playing wedding, or winning the heart of your 4th grade crush!



Liquid sugar that you can’t close to save for later. Let’s get hyper!


There isn’t much to say—other than that fashion was questionable. From the haircuts to accessories, it was pretty bad.

The mushroom cut

The Mushroom Cut

We had one. You had one. The Hanson Brothers each had one. This cut consisted of shaving the back of your neck and letting the top fly free. Center part and all, this look goes down in history as a major style faux pas.

Bell bottoms

Bell Bottoms

Very different from the iconic 70’s wide leg trouser, the bell bottom fit like a skinny jean to the knee and then shot out in all directions from there. If you didn’t have bell bottoms, you could always cut up the side hem and add a triangle of your own fabric to DIY your own. All the cool kids were doing it.

Puka shells

Puka Shell Necklaces

While these necklaces were hideous and often paired with polo shirts and popped collars, they did do a great job of signifying what guys at the bar you probably wanted nothing to do with.

Puka Shells and Boy bands

Computer life

With everyone getting computers, we were anxious to get online. From the 900 CDs AOL sent you in the mail a month, to the sound of dial up, this was truly the dawn of a new age.

Away messages

AIM away messages

We couldn’t spend all day on the computer—we did have to share with our siblings! So, when it was time to set yourself as “away” on AOL, it was our duty to set the perfect away message. It had to be something slightly vague though, because you wanted your crush to think maybe it was about them without completely giving it away that you “like, like” them.

AOL Instant Messenger away messages

The best feature was that you could save your away messages—kind of like an out-of-office response that we now use as “adults.”

Computer Games

These games were the best. To name a few…

Roller Coaster Tycoon

Roller Coaster Tycoon



The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail


Slow internet downloads

Finally, downloading anything was a hassle. You always had to grab a snack and get comfortable…these took a while!

We hope you enjoyed reminiscing with us! Comment with your favorite throwback!

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  • Val says:

    This list basically sums up my growing years. We were the last generation to understand the struggle of dial-up connections. #TheStruggleWasReal #wesurvivedwithoutwifi

  • Linda says:

    Awwww, I LOVED Myst!!

  • Shannon says:

    What were those spandex shorts with the little skirt attached called?? Oh, and jelly shoes!!! Those technicolor t-shirts that highlighted your sweaty armpits.. By the way, of this list, Oregon Trail definitely brings back the fondest memories, though most of the items struck a definite chord with me as I had almost all of them as a kid! Great post.

  • Beth Bianchi says:

    Where are the paint notes?

  • Bleu Jay Lady says:

    The list can not be complete without a few other toys: most DefINATELY Jacks and Chinese jumpropes. GI Joe and the Barbie family (Ken, Skipper, Midge, etc), Hippity-Hops, Sit-n-Spin, Stretch Armstrong and Klic-Klax!

    The Skip-It I had was very low-tech – no skip-counter! Although I never suffered from any, Klic-Klax were the cause of MANY broken bones of the wrist, arm and hand! Also eye and facial cuts ss they were somewhat brittle and could shatter. I had lots of bruises, but I was a pretty good Klaker and could keep my pretty purple pair going for several minutes.

    Just what WAS that goo inside Stretch Armstrong??

    Barbies and GI Joes were also not really played with much by the “babies” that have “out-grown” them before the age of 10. Heck, I didn’t get one until I was 7, and my neighbor and I played with them until I moved when I was 14! We’d make clothes and furniture for them, too, and swipe my little brother’s GI Joe Jeep for Barbie – She fit quite nicely, too!

  • Tina says:

    To Shannon: SKORTS!!! Lol, and yes, JELLY SHOES!!!! OMG!!! I love this article!!! Haha. I loved my Lite Brite!!! Loved Perfection too! Thank you for the trip down memory lane!!

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