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trending at Plant Nite: holiday nice list edition

Presents come in all shapes and sizes during the holiday season—and so do the terrariums on our nice list at Plant Nite®! Treat yourself to a cheerfully festive celebration of creativity and come away with one of these holiday-themed terrariums of your very own (or give it as a gift!). Check out this month’s trending terrariums.

This rustic pinecone terrarium

Rustic Wooden Cube

This wood look great on your coffee table with the tree glistening in the background, or underneath the tree—it already looks like a present! We love the way pinecones look beside the succulents.

This snowman snowscape

Snowman Snowscape 

Guarantee a 100% chance of snow in this holiday’s forecast. This cute, miniature snowman won’t melt away on you either, so keep him by the fireplace for some ironic eye candy.

This festive terrarium

Red Oval Tin

How do you fit all the colors of the season into one tin? Well, just like this. And how cute are those tiny ornaments? Answer: very cute.

This succulent-filled sleigh

Santa's Sleigh

This green-efficient sleigh runs strictly on succulents. Let your creativity take flight (no reindeer necessary) at Plant Nite, then ride home with this wonderful token of cheer.

This merry bowl

Festive Slope Bowl

Wouldn’t this make the perfect centerpiece? From ornaments to red sand to a festive wish stone, this terrarium’s got it all.


Look for all of these holiday terrariums and more at Plant Nite, but hurry—they come and go as quickly as the season. Find one in your neighborhood and use code NICELIST45 for 45% off an event*.


*Code expires 12/31/16

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  • Penelope Cromwell says:

    I think the above holiday plants are very cute but I did a regular plant Nite and all three plants died within a month so I don’t think I would do another plant Nite.

    • Alisha says:

      That would be my main concern. These plants look adorable, I would just be concerned about the maintenance and how long they would last.

      • Bobby Donohue says:

        Thank you for your comments Penelope and Alisha! Penelope, we’re sorry that your plants didn’t last as long as you’d hoped. Some succulents just last longer than others, but all require very little maintenance. Be sure to check out our plant care page ( to see just how much care each type of plant requires. We hope to see you both soon!

  • I was at the Oyster River on plant night! 12/6… I had a great time you were awesome in helping and explaining the process… thank you for a lovely evening

  • Alexandria Seeloff says:

    These are so cute. I would any of them.

  • Ann Len says:

    Are any of these Christmas ones in buffalo ny

    • Bobby Donohue says:

      Thanks for reaching out, Ann! Be sure to check your local event calendar at to see if any of these are in your area. If not, you can always request them by making a comment on your local Plant Nite Facebook page.

  • Holly Rogers says:

    I have seen your ad’s many times but so far there is no events near me or even 30 minutes away. I live in agoura hills, ca 91301.
    I have done so many paint nights that this sounds just as much fun.
    Please let me know when you will be in my area or near by.
    I am very good with booking events.
    Its not my business but I am just good at it.
    If you would want me to locate bars,restaurants to put it out there for you and I can go for free, let me know. I just want to go to this anyway.

    • Bobby Donohue says:

      Holly, we’re doing our best to grow as fast as possible and are always looking for more help! If you’d like to work with us to help bring Plant Nite to your area, than you should look into our partner opportunities ( Otherwise, we’ll be sure to let you know when events sprout up in your area!

  • Godiva says:

    What kind of plants are grown and is plant nite seasonal or all year round.

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