Play Dirty Vintage Football Sign by Stephanie Chambers

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October is a huge month for sports. A champion is crowned in baseball, hockey and basketball start back up again, and it’s prime tailgating season for football—but that’s not all. To pay our own creative tribute to sports, we wanted to highlight a few Paint Nite paintings and Plant Nite projects that will help you show off your creative athleticism. Check out our favorites below.

Paint Nite picks:

‘Play Dirty’ Vintage Football Sign” by Stephanie Chambers

Play Dirty Vintage Football Sign by Stephanie Chambers

Although we don’t condone playing dirty (unless we’re talking about Plant Nite), this painting sure gets us in the mood for football season.


Vintage Winter Skiing” by Dean Sherman

Vintage Winter Skiing by Dean Sherman

Winter is right around the corner—well, sort of. Hit the slopes a little early this year with this high-altitude landscape painting.


America Loves Baseball” by Elyse Small

America Loves Baseball by Elyse Small

Baseball season comes to an end in October, but a true fan never lets go. Now, you can put your passion on display all year long.


Plant Nite picks:

Golf Anyone?” by Nancy Barboza

Golf Anyone? Succulent Terrarium in a Rectangular Planter by Nancy Barboza

Avoid the long drive in the cart and bring the green to you with this above-par creative masterpiece (insert hole-in-one pun).


Surf’s Up Terrarium” by Sarah Fiske

Surf's Up Terrarium by Sarah Fiske

Just because the water’s a little chilly doesn’t mean you can’t shred the surf. However, we suggest creating your own artificial version in the comfort of your local bar.


“Touchdown Terrarium” by Anonymous

Football Terrarium

Introducing the perfect centerpiece for your Sunday-afternoon football screening. Goes great with chips and buffalo chicken dip on either side.


Look for any of these sports-themed paintings and projects on the event calendars at Paint Nite and Plant Nite.

And leave us a comment below to let us know your favorites.

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