Zero Fox Given by Steph Radley

Trending Paintings and Plants: Words and Sayings

Sometimes you’ve just got to get the word out—and what better way to do so than by adding your own words and sayings to your creations? There are so many Paint Nite paintings and Plant Nite projects that really speak to us. Check out our favorites below.

Paint Nite picks:

Gobble till You Wobble!” by Jessie Olson

Gobble till You Wobble! by Jessie Olson

It’s turkey time! Get your guests in the spirit of Thanksgiving by painting this masterpiece and putting it on display during the big meal.


Zero Fox Given” by Steph Radley

Zero Fox Given by Steph Radley

Teehee…get it? Remind yourself that you maintain a sturdy stance when it comes to the things that really just don’t matter at all.


Snowplace” by Shelby Johnson

Snowplace by Shelby Johnson

Welcome the winter with this happy little snowman and your favorite holiday cliche. #punsforsnowdays


Follow You Bike Sign” by Nickie Burditt

Follow You Bike Sign by Nickie Burditt

There are thousands of ways to show your love, but why not say it, too? A handcrafted gift is perfect for loved ones this holiday season.


Plant Nite picks:

Be Thankful Chalkboard Planter” by Bonique Edwards

Be Thankful Chalkboard Planter by Bonique Edwards

This Thanksgiving, make sure your guests know how much effort went into the meal by using this terrarium as a creative reminder to thank the chef.


Succulent Garden in Chalkboard Planter” by Samantha McConaghy

Succulent Garden in Chalkboard Planter by Samantha McConaghy

Want to switch up the saying? Our chalkboard planters offer you full creative license when it comes to crafting your own message.


Happy Holidays Rose Bowl” by Tammy Wilson

Happy Holidays Rose Bowl by Tammy Wilson

This terrarium wishes your guests a happy holiday as soon as they arrive—it’s perfect for keeping them company while you’re scrambling to hide the presents.


Look for any of these word/saying-themed paintings and projects on the event calendars at Paint Nite and Plant Nite.

And leave us a comment below to let us know your favorites.


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