Paint Nite Rainy Day Painting

trending paintings: April showers

It’s April and that means two things: spring is here and it’s WET outside!

With rain always being a common trend for this month’s weather, we figured we’d include it as the theme for this month’s trending paintings, too. So, we asked our Facebook followers to vote on which of these five rainy day trending paintings was their favorite. Here are the results for our April showers-themed Facebook poll (HINT: it was a close race!).

1. “Rainy Day” by Lindsey Sniffin (Trending Paintings Poll Winner)

Paint Nite Rainy Day Trending Paintings

Coming in first place (with 27% of the overall vote), this mysterious, heel-clad rain-dweller takes the cake for this month’s poll—that red umbrella sure knows how to make a statement.

2. “Rainy Reflections” by Shannon Chiba

Paint Nite Rainy Reflections Trending Paintings

Coming in second (with 25% of the vote), the umbrellas have multiplied and a full spectrum of colors peak their head out in this lively urban scene. Rain makes for a tough morning commute, but at least this one is colorful.

3. “Rainy Garden” by Holly MacKinnon

Paint Nite Rainy Garden Trending Paintings

It’s a tie for third place (with 17% of the vote)! This thirsty flower stands tall in the storm and unflinchingly bares the rain because it knows better weather is to come. Brave it out little guy!

3. “Rainy Street” by Kristina Elizabeth

Paint Nite Rainy Street Trending Paintings

Nature clashes with electricity in this trending painting that shows off a phenomenal contrast of reds and blues. With dryer weather, this path is sure to see some pedestrian smiles.

5. “After the Spring Rain” by Kristina Elizabeth

Paint Nite After the Spring Rain Trending Paintings

And for the finale (with 14% of the vote), pink blossoms through the blues in a wet cityscape—nature’s beauty conquers all, even in the eye of the storm.


To see if any of these trending paintings are at an event near you, check out the event calendar, and be sure to look out for next month’s Facebook poll.

In the meantime, stay dry, friends!

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