Cool Blue Butterfly by Andria Moss

Trending Paintings and Plants: Butterflies

Butterflies are kind of our spirit insects—they’re colorful, beautiful, and so gosh darn free. So this month, we figured we’d pay homage by making them the stars of a few Paint Nite paintings and Plant Nite projects (before they leave us again until the spring). Check out our favorites below.

Paint Nite picks:

Butterfly Blue” by Tanya Nuchols

Butterfly Blue by Tanya Nuchols

This well-poised butterfly is taking in its last breath of cool, fall air before it migrates south for the winter.


Butterfly Splash” by Alyson McCrink

Butterfly Splash by Alyson McCrink

Unique brush techniques make colors clash with a splash in this painting of an oh-so-perfect pairing.


Cool Blue Butterfly” by Andria Moss

Cool Blue Butterfly by Andria Moss

And for the photo finish (for paintings), this realistic portrait captures a gorgeous butterfly in time like a creative cocoon.

Plant Nite picks:

Fly Into Fall” by Bonique Edwards

Fly Into Fall by Bonique Edwards

Train your butterflies to stick around a little while longer, so they can embrace the beautiful colors of fall.


Succulent Butterfly Garden” by Marian Pham

Succulent Butterfly Garden by Marian Pham

This transparent little fellah and its newborn are loving life as they sit surrounded by their succulent pals.


Succulent Drawer with Mushrooms, Sea Glass, and Critter” by David Daykin

Succulent Drawer with Mushrooms, Sea Glass, and Critter by David Daykin

Mushrooms, sea glass, and critter…oh my! There’s certainly a whole lot of awesome jammed into one small drawer.


Look for any of these butterfly-themed paintings and projects on the event calendars at Paint Nite and Plant Nite.

And leave us a comment below and let us know your favorites.

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  • Mary Ann Jaggie says:

    I wish there would be some afternoon Paint “Nites”. Older people have problems driving at night so that holds me back from going.
    Had a wonderful time and actually was surprised how good my painting turned out.

  • Debi says:

    Looking for ideas and tips 🙂

  • Pauline says:

    Is it just painting you do st paint night or can it. be creative art like making. Butterflies fr my Rhubart? I can send yu a pic of my art

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Hi Pauline,
      Thanks for the note. Yes, our events are structured and follow a set format where everyone is painting the same painting. The exception to this is our Paint Your Pet events where you send in a photo of your pet in advance and the artist helps you to walk through it. You can definitely reach out to your local Paint Nite team via Facebook (search Paint Nite + your city name to find them) and request special events.
      Thanks again!

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