Paint Nite Flamingo Pair Painting

Trending Paintings and Plants: Flamingos

Flamingos are here! This month, Paint Nite and Plant Nite get pretty in pink with flamingo-themed paintings and projects. These skinny-legged beauties were born for more than just lawn ornament adoration. Craft your own creative tribute to this well-balanced bird and then show it off to your houseguests. Let’s check out some of our favorites for each Nite.

Paint Nite picks:

Quiet Flamingo Sunrise” by Dominique Lacroix

 Paint Nite Quiet Flamingo Sunrise Painting

The shadows of the sun may mask the pink feathers of this gorgeous bird, but its silhouette still maintains perfect one-legged balance.

Flamingo Pair” by Denise Baldwin

 Paint Nite Flamingo Pair Painting

You know what they say: Two birds are better than one. Ok, maybe they don’t, but these social birds know how to represent true friendship in the animal kingdom.

Sunset Flamingo” by Doug Borton

Paint Nite Sunset Flamingo Painting

This flamingo puts her left foot down for the first time all day to get a rested view of a perfect sunset—it’s not easy to balance from dusk till dawn!

Plant Nite picks:

“Tropical Flamingo Party” by Lindsay Webber

 Plant Nite Tropical Flamingo Party Terrarium

The other flamingos are going to be jealous of this little guy’s tropical oasis—a ripe pineapple and gorgeous succulents make for one stellar crib.

“Succulents in Slope Bowl With Flamingo” by Lindsay Webber

Plant Nite Succulents in Slope Bowl With Flamingo Terrarium

Lose the fruit and gain some blue, and you’ve got yourself another warm-colored arrangement to brighten up any room.


To see if any of these flamingo-themed paintings or projects are in your neighborhood, check out the event calendars at Paint Nite and Plant Nite.

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