Sunset Merlot Painting

Trending Paintings and Terrariums: Summer Sips

It’s that time of year again—time to get back to summertime sipping! Put your spring cabin/office-fever in the rearview and get yourself outside, sit back, and pour yourself a glass of, well, anything. We’ve collected these trending drink-themed paintings and terrariums to set the mood for the coming summer months. Let’s check them out.

Paint Nite picks:

Wine O’Clock” by Dominique Lacroix

Wine O'Clock Painting

Hang this painting on your wall for a quick reminder to pop the cork as soon as that clock strikes whatever-time-you-need-a-glass-of-wine.


Sunset Merlot” by Doug Borton

Sunset Merlot Painting

Pour yourself a tall glass of chill summer vibes and sip that sunshine to the very last drop! There’s plenty to go around.


3 Wines and a Toast” by Carolyn McNeil

3 Wines and a Toast Painting

Grab two friends, head to Paint Nite, and order yourselves a few glasses of wine to stage your own scene before putting it to canvas.


Plant Nite picks:

“Beer Garden” by Sarah Fiske

Beer Garden Terrarium

We love drinking outdoors in the summer and apparently so do our plants—but we advise against watering them with beer.


“Wine Therapy” by Sarah Fiske

Wine Therapy Terrarium

Clear your mind by unleashing some plant-based creativity at a local bar and ordering yourself a glass of liquid stress relief.


“GoodWineGoodFriends” by Sarah Fiske

GoodWineGoodFriends Terrarium

Peanut butter and jelly. Chips and salsa. Ice cream and sprinkles. Nothing mixes quite like good wine, good friends, and gorgeous plants.


To see if any of these trending paintings or terrariums are in your neighborhood, check out the event calendars at Paint Nite and Plant Nite.

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