Paint Nite Rainbow The Unicorn Trending Paintings

trending paintings: unicorns, rainbows, and magic

Unicorns are all the rage right now. Unicorn-themed drinks. Unicorn-themed tattoos. Unicorn-themed clothing. Unicorn-themed toast! We’ve reached the pinnacle of unicorn in our lifetimes (or have we?).

Paint Nite is no stranger to following trends, so our artists are helping out by bringing this mythical creature to life on canvas. Check out this month’s trending paintings. HINT: they’re unicorn-themed. If that isn’t magical enough for you, we don’t know what is.

Not sure you have quite enough unicorns in your life? Swing on over and read out Trending Terrariums: Unicorns post next. After all, unicorns and terrariums go together like… unicorns and paintings?


  1. “Wild and Free Unicorn” by Erin Koskitalo

Paint Nite Wild And Free Unicorns Trending Paintings

Unicorns are untamable. They just run wild and free in their mysterious pink oases—looks an awful lot like my backyard.

  1. “Rainbow The Unicorn” by Stephanie Chambers

Paint Nite Rainbow The Unicorn Trending Paintings

This unicorn’s naturally vibrant hair color makes her far from camera-shy (canvas-shy?). Just make sure you get her good side.

  1. “Unicorn Dream” by Steph Radley

Paint Nite Unicorn Dream Trending Paintings

No one really knows how the physics of a unicorn’s horn work. Who said they were solid? Why can’t they be made up of tiny orbs? It’s magical.

  1. “Unicorn Sky” by Briell Coates

Paint Nite Unicorn Sky Trending Paintings

Unicorns appreciate the Zodiac as much as the next mythical being. This one just wants to get a closer look.

  1. “Unicorn Dreams” by Steffanie Mercier

Paint Nite Unicorns Dreams Trending Paintings

This pudgy fellah knows how to let everyone know he’s coming… and offers some great words of advice. With a trail of stars and a rainbow tattoo, he’s kind of hard to miss.


Have you joined the unicorn craze? Share your unicorn paintings with us by tagging us (@paintnite) on Instagram or Facebook with your photo. To see if any of these legendary trending paintings are at an event near you, check out the event calendar. And, be on the lookout for next month’s trending paintings!

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