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At Plant Nite, we’re all about trying new experiences, but what’s better than trying new experiences? Trying new experiences in new places! Each Plant Nite destination you visit offers uniquely different creations than the last: And who doesn’t love tasting a little local flavor? See what kinds of terrariums other places are planting for yourself by exploring various locations on the event calendar. You never know—you may discover your ideal creation far from home. Check out these destination-specific trending terrariums to get a little inspiration for your next creative journey.


Texas Terrarium

Not everything’s bigger in Texas, and this miniature garden proves it. But for such a small terrarium, it sure does exude a whole lot of Texas pride. Texas forever!



Buffalo Terrarium

Pride isn’t just for the South—Buffalo is cultivating it on the upper latitudes of the US, too. And if you can’t read the area code for the number you got on that bar napkin while you were there, this terrarium will come to your rescue.



Paris Terrarium

And if you’re the worldlier type, plant the Eiffel Tower and add your favorite phrase from the romance language of romance languages (but don’t be fooled, these events aren’t offered in France…right now).



Seattle Terrarium

South, north, east (well, overseas), and now west—the compass of creativity spins in every direction. We call this Seattle-themed terrarium “the garden of grunge”—the twelfth man would be so proud of your creation.


If you’re planning on taking a trip in the near future, make sure you check out your destination’s local event calendar because nothing captures the memories better than a handcrafted souvenir. If not, you can always check out events near you at Plant Nite. Find one in your neighborhood.

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