Terrarium Upcycle Supplies

How to Upcycle Your Plant Nite Terrarium for Under $10

At Plant Nite, we’re all about disconnecting from the chaos of your everyday life and digging into a couple hours of creativity and drinks (we just love a great cocktail) with your best friends.
As a creative company, we love variety. There are rarely two identical terrariums at the end of each event. You may love hot pink stones, and your bestie may opt for plain white. Someone across the table may fill their terrarium with just moss and dinosaurs. You never know until the nite is over.
And we have a ton of amazing Plant Nite projects that you can use as a base for your unique creation, like this nostalgic 90s themed planter…
Plant Nite nostalgic terrarium with hello kitty and mario
Or this amethyst-adorned terrarium…
Plant Nite amethyst terrarium
And there’s always a few simpler choices, like our classic rose bowl terrarium, hanging terrarium, and sand art terrarium.
Plant Nite rose bowl terrarium Plant Nite hanging terrariumPlant Nite sand art terrarium
In the spirit of creativity, we recently challenged a couple of our Plant Nite team members to take existing terrariums they had from past events and upcycle them using some fun items we found for under $10 at our local dollar store—sometimes you just need to give your terrarium a fresh new look!

The upcycle supplies

Terrarium Upcycle Supplies

  • Army men
  • Rainbow butterflies
  • Marbles
  • Googly eyes
  • Stars
  • A Ninja Turtle
  • A mini Jenga game

The terrariums (before)

Emily’s terrarium:

Before terrarium Before terrarium
Katie’s terrarium:
Plant Nite Katie Terrarium

The final results

Emily’s terrarium:

Eyeball Terrarium Eyeball Terrarium
Katie’s terrariums:
Just add marbles to terrarium
Add mini Jenga to terrarium Add mini Jenga to terrarium

What Emily had to say

“I went to Plant Nite a few months ago and loved it! My dino and unicorn terrarium came out exactly how I wanted it. Unfortunately, after some moves and trauma it was starting to look pretty bare. Turns out if you accidentally knock the container over in your car, the pebbles scatter a bit.
For this project, I knew that I wanted something to cover the bare ground, as well as add something whimsy. The googly eyes were perfect. Kinda creepy? Yeah probably, but they make me laugh!
My concept for this terrarium is based around two kids playing together with very different ideas about their game. The carpet of googly eyes is being invaded by army men doing reconnaissance in a forest of sparkly butterflies and brightly colored stars among the succulents.
I played around with the arrangement for a while, and once I had something I liked, I added the purple moss, dinosaur, and unicorn from my original design back in. Their names are Beauregard and Jeff, and they’re very important to me.
Revamping my planter at my desk only took about 15 minutes and provided a nice break to my work day. This was a great way to get a little bit of the Plant Nite fun back, in-between events.”

What Katie had to say

“I’m a bit of a Plant Nite junkie, so I have lots of terrariums all over my house. I had already moved some of my plants into a larger container about a month ago because they were outgrowing their home, so I was ready to spice up the look of that space and make it a lot more fun. The mini Jenga blocks were ideal for that.
I also completely loved the idea of upcycling my terrarium using marbles because they reminded me of the stones that we often have at events. I simply set the marbles on top of the soil in one of my terrariums to give it a unique look. The outcome is amazing.
The dinosaurs playing miniature Jenga in the larger terrarium is my new favorite thing. I am completely enamored with it.”

Have you upcycled your Plant Nite terrarium? Send us a photo of the finished result! Use #plantniteupcycles on Instagram and Twitter, or email us at blog@paintnite.com.
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