how to un-cliché 9 Valentine’s Day clichés

No one likes doing the same old thing every Valentine’s Day—it’s hard to keep the fire alive when the kindling is damp. Luckily, we’re here to help with nine ways to make overdone Valentine’s Day clichés not-so-cliché.

  1. The fancy wine and dine


We’re not saying to stop going out to eat for good, but the whole candlelight-dinner-at-a-crowded-restaurant thing is about as original as oatmeal. Try cooking a homemade meal together at your own home instead. Use spicy foods, oysters, chocolate, and other aphrodisiacs to make it Valentine’s-worthy.


  1. The pharmacy brand box o’ chocolates


Nothing says, “I just bought these 20 minutes ago,” like a cheap box of chocolates. If you’re going to give a gift, make sure you put some thought into it. Check out 314 Valentine’s Day Gifts from UncommonGoods for a jumpstart.


  1. The generic Valentine’s card

Hallmark Cards

If Hallmark wrote it, there’s a high chance you won’t be tugging at heartstrings. Try writing something straight from your own heart (and don’t worry about making it rhyme).


  1. The dozen roses


Everyone loves getting flowers, but if your significant other is expecting roses, it takes away the surprise. Pick out a uniquely colored bouquet or head to Edible Arrangements and give something that can be enjoyed for more than a day.


  1. The teddy bear

Teddy Bear

Unless you’re 12 years old, this gift can come off as a little juvenile. Besides, if you’re trying to give something your S.O. can cuddle with, then why not take the role on yourself?


  1. The “good for one…” coupon book

Coupon Book

You shouldn’t need a coupon book of nice things to do for the person you’re in a relationship with—just make it a point to try harder to do those things all year.


  1. The over-the-top jewelry purchase

Jewelry Box

Actually, if you’re willing to spend the money, there’s no reason to give you an alternate for this one. Jewelry is always a good choice.


  1. The Netflix and chill


Settling down in bed to watch a couple flicks is a great way to avoid all the mushy Valentiners out there. But—without going into detail—try to make the “chill” part a little more romantic than every other night.


  1. The mix tape


We’re not sure people even have cassette or CD-players anymore, so if you’re going to try serenading your S.O. with music, make a playlist on Spotify. It is, in fact, 2018.


If you want to ditch all the clichés and treat your better half to a new experience that they’re bound to love, then check out Paint Nite or Plant Nite (because there’s nothing sexier than getting creative together).



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