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We watched Beauty and the Beast with lots of wine and this is what happened

I’m not what you’d call a “Disney person.” I don’t have a Disney tattoo, I’m not naming my first born Ariel, and I’d rather die alone than take my honeymoon at Disneyworld (seriously, screaming kids on your romantic getaway?). I’m not judging—I know plenty of awesome people who have literally done each of those things—it’s just not what I’m into. But I am into the classic movies that defined my childhood. I’m also into gorgeous ballgowns, the French countryside, and muscly bros falling to their deaths. So if there’s one Disney movie I can gush over with the rest of ’em, it’s Beauty and the Beast.

To prepare for the upcoming release of the live-action version, my friend Alison and I decided to watch the original Disney movie again, this time with plenty of wine and French cheese (you know, to make it feel authentic). Here’s how it all went down:

Step one was obviously make drinks.

red wine

Next, we set up our Beauty and the Beast figurines (YES) and prepared my dogs for the animated wonder they were about to experience.

dogs watch beauty and the beast

Do you see the excitement on their faces?

So much excitement.

The humans were excited, too.

beauty and the beast

When the alcohol kicks in and you just want to be a kid again:

gaston meet gaston

Remember how much Gaston loves Gaston? Someone else loves him too. (Sound on for this one, guys.)

We also realized something weird:


Seriously!? They live in France with names like Belle, Gaston, and Le Fou, but only the candlestick has an accent? And while we’re poking holes, how is Mrs. Potts an old lady with a five-year-old son? And are all those other cups in the cupboard her children too? MRS. POTTS STILL SLAYING!

Okay, perfect timing for a snack.

Brie our guest

More wine.

Then this happens:

Alison feels bad for the beast

And decide he’s a nice guy after all

Now we’re getting to the good stuff.

There’s more wine, more cheese, and more Tesla gently licking her way to Gaston’s heart.

When you move closer to the TV because it’s THAT GOOD.

Belle and Beast dancing

Tesla, if you’re reading this, skip past the next photo.

Gaston dying

And suddenly, the beast is human…

The beast is human

…and it’s all over.

Seriously, it’s no wonder Disney wanted to make a live action Beauty and the Beast movie—there’s SO MUCH good stuff here. In the last 84 minutes, we experienced drama, action, romance, comedy, music, and more. I can’t wait to see the new one.

Did you re-watch the original, or are you planning to see the new version? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Wine is highly recommended.

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