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Paint Nite and Plant Nite Get the Feelings

Paint Nite and Plant Nite pack the very best of feelings into one incredible nite out. It’s like every second brings a new positive vibe. Each moment is like that amazing feeling you get when your favorite song comes on after you’ve had the worst day. Like that feeling you get when you realize that you’ve gotten in way more steps than you thought you had. Hot chocolate on a cold day. This Dunkaroo cocktail. So many feels. And our guests aren’t the only ones who experience them.

We feel them, too!

Working at Paint Nite and Plant Nite gives us the opportunity to do what we love. We’re people-people. We love making people happy. Every nite, we get to give creative people the chance to be even more creative, while helping non-creative people realize that they’re far more creative than they may have thought (usually after one or two drinks).

We get to work with the best people. People who bring our vision to life each day. People who bring us the feels.

Here’s how working with Paint Nite and Plant Nite makes our team feel:

Want to get the feelings with us?

Paint Nite and Plant Nite are made up of a team of entrepreneurial spirits who create our paintings and plant projects, work with venues, book events, and bring our creative nites out to you. It’s a great gig—and we couldn’t do it without them!

Find out more about how running Paint Nite and Plant Nite events could give you all the feels.

Join our team today and launch your own business!

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