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Drawing Course: The Basics

  • For: Teens and up
  • 3 hours
  • Language: English
  • Promo codes/Vouchers not accepted for this event

  • Live Virtual Event - Interact with the host

    This event is not pre-recorded.

C$195/person for 6 sessions7 tickets remaining!


Are you curious about learning to draw and sketch? Do you want to be able to draw anything you lay your eyes on?  Do you want to take your painting skills to the next level? This course is for you!

All levels! Whether you haven't held a pencil in your hand since elementary school or you have been sketching for a while but you want to improve the quality of your drawings, this course is for you. 

The main goal of this course is to instill good drawing habits and to provide you with enough tools to go out and sketch the world around you. 

The course will consist of six 3-hour sessions: July 10, 17, 24, 31 and August 7, 14. 

In case you miss a day, each session is going to be recorded and will be available for viewing for a month afterwards. Please disregard the "non-recorded" message above.

We will cover main principles of drawing: 

  • How to develop hand-eye coordination
  • How to train precision
  • How to simplify what you see
  • How to break down complex objects into simple shapes
  • Lights and shadows theory
  • How to create an illusion of texture
  • How to find your style in drawing
  • How to critique your own drawings
We will be doing a variety of exercises during each sessions and I will be giving out optional homework after each session.

You will need YOUR OWN SUPPLIES: 

  • A sketchbook with at least 40 pages. At least 9"x12" in size, 11"x14" recommended. If you are in a pinch, copy paper would work as well
  • Pencil set of various hardness. At a minimum, you want HB, 2B, 4B and 6B
  • Graphite stick (NOT charcoal)
  • A plastic eraser (ex. mars plastic eraser)
  • A kneaded eraser
  • Pencil eraser (optional) 
  • A pencil sharpener or, even better, an exacto knife 
  • A ruler (optional)
  • A variety of pens/fineliners (whatever you have lying around)
  • Paper towels
You will also need to install ZOOM prior to the event. You will get a one time link to access the event. You can log on up to 1/2 hour prior to the event start. 

I look forward to drawing with you!  

You may reschedule or cancel tickets up to 8 hours before the event starts. Read our reschedule policy here.

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