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Candle Maker

Discover PaintNite.com’s party-like candle-making classes. We guarantee they’ll blow you away!

what is
candle maker?

So you think you love candles. But have you made your own? Join us as we take your candle game to the next level and teach you to create artisanal candles using soy wax and fragrance oils.

Perfect for your own scented candle collection. Even better for gift-giving!

who are
our candle
workshops for?

This is candle-making for beginners. Just come as you are and be ready to have a wick-ed good time.

  • in-person events

    in-person events

    Meet us in a restaurant or bar near you for some drinks, snacks and (the star of the show) candle-making.

    We’ll walk you through mixing scents and melting the wax all the way to customizing your candle with unique accessories.

    You could be pouring into mason jars, teacups and anywhere else our Event Owners’ imaginations take them!

    Top tip: Get there 15mins or so early to find a seat and grab your first round.

    Find an Event
Most events last around two hours, but you can stay at the venue for as long as they’ll have you.
  • The experience
  • Help from our pros
  • Soy candle-making kit (including essential oils)
  • Lifelong memories!
Want to include homemade candles at your celebration? We’re all in! Just speak to an Event Owner or drop a message to groups@yaymaker.com to find hosts near you.
We do corporate events and online candle-making classes too! And to make things super easy, we’ll deliver candle-making supplies individually to each guest.

candle care

Follow these steps to get the most out of your candle.

  • Trim the wick to ¼ – ⅛” before each use
  • Keep away from drafts
  • Remove any debris from the candle wax
  • Burn for no more than 4 hours
  • Stop use when ¼’’ of wax remains