Last updated May, 2022

Playing with dirt is so much fun!

A fun filled, enjoyable way to explore your creativity. Relax with a glass of your favourite drink while you create a custom terrarium with your host. No green thumb necessary, just the desire to play with dirt. Our host will provide all the tips and tricks to keep your ...

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Fun at the Beach!

C$49.00/person • Legal Drinking Age
Boston Pizza Esplanade North Van - North Vancouver, BC

Last updated May, 2022

Linda Wat , Vancouver, BC | Powered by Yaymaker
Linda W.
Event Owner with New Badge
Plant Nite Host
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Last updated May, 2022

  • Supplies

    • Planter
    • Soil
    • Succulents
    • Pebbles
    • Moss
    • Decorations