Paint Your Pet at Joe's Crab ShackSpecial

Hello fellow artists!

 I wanted to inform everyone about our paint your pet event. It is scheduled at Joes on Aug. 19th. Upon registration, you must send in a picture of your pet to Each person’s pet will be pre sketched onto a canvas by one of our artists. The event may run up to 3 hours. Our very talented artists will personally guide everyone through their painting, teaching techniques to help you obtain your own personal masterpiece. Picture deadline is 1 week before the event. This is a special event, sorry no coupons!

FYI, this is a huge undertaking. Waiting for pictures to come in and constant reminders takes a bulk of effort so please send your pictures in asap! We then print your photo on a clear film and use an overhead projector to transfer your photo to the canvas. Each picture takes 15 to 20 minutes to sketch out. Then each canvas gets a new photo printed on paper for you to use at the event to cheat from. BTW, Cheating is perfectly acceptable in the art field; old, new and creative techniques are always used to speed up any given process. This process will allow your painting to be in correct proportions! 

  So having said all of the above, a lot of extra time and ink is put into your masterpiece before you even put the paintbrush to your canvas, we will also be providing extra assistance as this will require more one on one help. So plan to listen to even more music at this event! Have fun and "drink creatively”! Tickets are 50.00, sorry no coupons.

The Cincinnati Paint Nite team

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