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Yaymaker Host Erin Mahoney located in BERKELEY, CA

Erin Mahoney


  • Hosting since May 2020
  • 36 events hosted

Creative projects give me a lot of joy.  Time seems to stand still while I’m  immersed in the flow of making things.

I am an art teacher, for miniatures, and flower making at:


I also have too much fun decorating my little BnB called Peacock room , Jungle lounge:


please tell your friends about it!!

 Some of the other jobs I do:

tour guide, and game show host for classic movie night at the glorious, historic, Paramount Theatre, in Oakland.


Some of my other creative projects include making costumes, flowers and hats, dance performance, and expressive interiors (see peacock room!).
You can see some of the wacky costumes I make at:


As a California native, I grew up in Silicon Valley when it was all orchards. I‘ve studied art, design, fashion, and dance.

I live with my partner and 2 cats in Berkeley California.

Here is a clip of my public speaking debut at the Paramount, filling in for my co-host- normally I spin the wheel:


If you need to contact me, my email is figleaf5@aol.com