Yaymaker Host Rebecca Chieng located in QUINCY, MA

Rebecca Chieng

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Hey guys! My name is Rebecca aka Bex. I am a full time Mommy of three. With their school schedule being a mix of fulltime on site and one being hybrid, I found time to fit some creativity in between. I decided to sign up as a Yaymaker host because I love art and I love to socialize. What better to mix the two? Surrounding yourself with positive artistic minds? Not only am I a full time Mom, I also am a licensed nail technician on the weekends and I have a small business- I crochet handmade goods. I know, I know, talk about super Momma hahaha. Just kidding, I just love art and creating. Most of the time you will find me at Michaels in the yarn aisle buying MORE yarn to add to my collection. So I hope you guys enjoy a fun time with me hosting! Any feedbacks are greatly appreciated! Thank you!